Foundation Days Part 2

Bonjour Les Amis,

Moving on to second semester shall we?

Z-23March (1)

The first time I arrived in UITM Dengkil, I was quite sad to be honest. The house getting smaller and they only allocated 6 people per house. Before this in Palam it was 8 people in a house. Two among us are going to move to a different unit. It was really sad since I was close with Najah and we were no longer housemates. Luckily, Sarah and Najah move out but still manage as our neighbor and live just right next to us.

PaperBiology (34)

Focus on the floor please 

The house had no tiles flooring, only cements. Ipah bought vinyl mat and we help her install the vinyl to our flooring. At least our feet won’t be dirty with cement dusts all the time. We had one bathroom and one toilet – which was sufficient and modern enough for us. During our time, we sometimes experience temporary unavailability of water supply. It was random too, we had notice beforehand but it was confusing. For example, we were told they are not going to be any water on Monday, so we saved our water from Sunday and there was no water cut. We used up all the water because we needed the water bucket to do laundry. Suddenly on Friday, bammm. yep, there was a water cut. I got lucky because I always shower early in the morning, so if you have class and haven’t shower, seems likely you have to walk to another block and shower at your friend’s houses. Much work to do there.

Our houses was Dahlia 1, fourth floor. We had a great view that looks like a lake but it used to be mining site that were not use anymore. In the morning and evening, we could see beautiful sunrise and sunset . Amazing. Just put #uitmdengkil on twitter on instagram  and you would see them. Yes I know Dengkil is not the only place with skies but it seems like Dengkil students are obsessed with skies compared to other uni’s students. I have some pictures here that I stole from Zafeq’s tweet ahahahaha. Credit to him okay.

I believe as a women, I prefer Dengkil because we were isolated from the gentlemen blocks. We had our own sports facilities inside like a tennis court and some badminton courts. We had our own netball court too. It was much more comfortable for me to go out and jog without having the insecurities of guys checking me out. Muslim girls, you know that feeling, don’t you? I’m a shy girl okay. pffftttt yeah right

My housemates and I would go out as early as 6.50 or 7 and jog for 20 minutes around the block , probably less than that if there’s dogs scattering around. At first I was so shook the dogs would chase after me, but after a while I guess we got used to each other. Dogs would just look at us jogging and do nothing while sticking their tongue out. In the weekend, we would spent a much longer time , because afterwards we would go have breakfast at the Cafe. Favorite choice – roti canai and teh tarik. True Malaysians – yes.

Class schedule was just as similar as the one in the first semester , except for math class. After our first test, majority of us failed in maths (that includes me) and I was pretty much yep, stupid. I am that kind of person who would focus in class because there were too many subjects and very limited time for me to revise. I only managed to revise some and that some is definitely not math. I don’t do math – I’m more to sciences.  So, zero focus plus zero hard work equal to failure. Well, at least I know one equation. Because of that, a few students filed a report to exchange their math lecturer. Other classes with the same math lecturer joined the petition and yes the lecturer are not teaching math in lectures anymore. He worked fully as a tutor. For me, I see him as a math genius. You know how genius are, sometimes they understand things and it’s hard for them to make people see what they see. I feel bad because it feels like we didn’t appreciate him but we need to fully understand what we learn too, right?


At that moment, UITM had very limited math lecturers. Because of that, the other math teachers had to take more classes than they already have. Since our schedule are so packed, class extend till night. I still remember getting dress up after maghrib because I still have class while my housemates are relaxing in the house. But the fun part about night class is – after every class my classmates and I would go and have some ice cream to treat ourselves. And it become a habit.

One of the few interesting things that happen during my time, is the outfit drama. Yes, you hear me. If you were there, you can really differentiate students the way they dress. This doesn’t go for everyone because each person have their own preferences right? But most of us are like this. (girls only) For example, if you see students who wore baju kurung, tudung crepe, baju muslimah and t-shirt with long skirts – these are the sciences students. If you see students who are wearing pants, boyfriend shirts, shawls – these are engineering students. It’s rare to see engineering students wear baju kurung maybe because there aren’t many female students in their class. Law students wore bold clothes and make up. Usually on wednedsay, they would wear black and white – that’s how you differentiate them. Tesl students they are the mix of all types. They can be wearing anything.

Best part is, every friday everyone wore jubah and baju melayu. What a pleasant sight !


One day, a drama was triggered between science and law students.  Allegedly, law students talk about how ‘selekeh’ these science nerds look. I have no idea how this drama started but it spread through out the whole campus and twitter. Honestly, we doesn’t even know if they say it, but its like a war back then. Words by words bashing each other on twitter. Letters by letters in the elevator , being sarcastic to each other. I have no idea. Maybe because I didn’t have any twitter yet at that particular time. I only make a twitter account after I finished foundation.

UITM Dengkil was fun on its own. I’m not that popular kid around the block. People don’t know me and I don’t know people. But life was great that way. I had fun with my own cliques doing our own thing. Like going to pasar malam, bakery, cool blog, malls and events. Some big events I attend was the gala night and a marathon. That was all.


Every day I would drop by the bakery just to get my favorite cinnamon rolls. It was very good and if you are attending Dengkil and ate those , you know it ! Anjung Dengkil was such heaven, even if you are not buying anything – just hang out there feels great. The best part other than cinnamon rolls is the most famous NASI AYAM PENYET. Yess, my mouth become watery just thinking about it. Super spicy and extra hot but definitely addictive.

Besides Anjung Dengkil , we do go to IOI or Alamanda. Rent some cars or take any taxi. I really spend lots of time there with my fellow housemates. Watching movies and food hunting. It was such a good time.

I cried when I finished foundation. Those time there was really priceless. I have one more advice to share. Don’t give up too soon okay. I also had my time where as I failed paper, and my carry marks are very low. I have to achieve an extremely high marks on finals to compensate for that. But it’s very important to fight until the end, Allah will ease you all the way. In shaa Allah.

Thank you for reading.



Foundation days? Part 1

Bonjour Les Amis,

After finishing secondary school and SPM, I was accepted into a year of foundation program in UITM . Previously, this program is enrolled in UITM Puncak Alam but now they have moved to UITM Dengkil. Fortunately, we was lucky to become the only batch who got both experience. The only reason I’m sharing this stories of mine is because I miss my friends and housemates. They were my powerpuff girls. Blossom and Bubbles to my Buttercup.

Image result for powerpuff girls

Also, to those who wonder “What is in foundation?” , “What did you do there?”.

Well, I did a lot of things and I also did not do anything.

Confuse? You’ll see as I progress.


Life in semester 1 was wonderful. Yep, my crush was still there and my life were going smoothly. Or maybe that’s what I think. Classes was so far away you either have to take a bus or walk through stairs or what they called “tangga kejayaan”. This is not ordinary stairs, once you climbed up these stairs – your knee going to wiggle and I’m sure you need no more gym. That’s how high it is. Since I like to save my money, I used stairs most of the time.

Stomachache (9)

Rare evidence of me and kamila waiting for the bus

Life at Puncak Alam was quiet and peaceful. We can go out if we want to or stay inside the house and enjoy unlimited super fast cable internet. Its very easy to find rental car, you either google it or see their advertisement anywhere around campus. The foundation students during this time consist only science and engineering students. Law and TESL foundation students are located in a different area. I’m not sure exactly where but mostly at UITM Shah Alam. Because of these, they weren’t really much drama. I guess the thing about nerd students is they don’t really care much about their surrounding. What’s important then? Getting that 4 flat score.

Classes usually starts at 9 and end depending on schedule. Sometimes our day at campus end at lunch, sometimes we finish around 4.30 or 5 pm. Meanwhile, lectures are held in a lecture hall. I know yeah this sounds stupid, of course lecture are held in lecture hall. But its different in Dengkil, okay? Keep reading. 3 groups of students are combined into one lecture. A group consist of 20 students.By the way, lecture hall is the most comfy place ever to sleep, honestly its hard to resist. Cushion chairs and air conditioning, especially in the front seats where as lights are off. The front seats is usually those who came in late.

Weird ? No, not really. Front seats are really uncomfortable, you have to tilt your head 45 degrees upwards to see the screen. And most importantly, you are directly in front lecturer. Good luck not getting caught falling asleep. The hot seats are usually the fourth to fifth row. Not too far so you can see better, and not to close where you can sit down comfortable. Me? I’m usually the second row or second last row. I have no idea why.

Other than that, tutorial are held in a classroom within our own group. This allow students to have a better approach with the lecturer. In this class, we usually do practices from previous lectures and discuss it. Most of the time, I did not finish my homework. My friends reading this might be “tipulah”. I’m not lying, I just don’t tell them the truth. The secret to not getting caught is always be confident. I would seat in the front row and always volunteer for the first question. Because that is the only question I did. So, the lecturer wouldn’t call me for the next questions and the rest of the class you should focus on the discussion. See how I saved my time there?

But, sometimes when I managed to finish- I would not volunteer and wait for lecturer to call me. You need balance okay, you cannot do the same trick over and over. You need to come up with a few tricks and rotate.

Other trick if I didn’t finish my homework and I got called is that – I would just go the whiteboard and try to solve the question. Do it confidently. If you are wrong then its okay, just tell the lecturer “Oh, I’m sorry. I guess I don’t really understand this. Can you show me how to do it?”. These lecturer, they are so nice they will definitely help you. Thank you dear lecturers.

The most terrifying tutorial class is Biology Class by Madam Liza. Everyone would be restless before her class because she is always full of surprise. She would go on rampage if she found out we didn’t do our homework. This is the only class where my homework is always done. She always make discussion in each class differently. There are always games, discussion and surprise pop quiz. We all were afraid of her until second semester. What happen in second semester? stay tuned.


garang-garang pun dapat bergambar jugak. hehe

One of the most exciting moment will be our lab session. Lab is always the fun version of study. Oh well, at least until the report part. After every lab, we always have to write a report in a group of 4 to 5 people. If the experiment was easy, yes it will be just a breeze. If not, you have to go back and google/study books to write a proper discussion. This is where your communication skills and teamwork are tested. Trust me, everyone who went to university will know the struggle. You might have an enthusiast – the person who always want to pour all his knowledge and always want to go into details. You might also have the sluggard. This slacker always exist I’m not sure why. Its easy to identify. They would come late to discussion and they will do their part at the very last minute- jeopardizing assignments of the whole team. If you submit late, your report either going to be rejected or carry marks will be deducted. Then, even if they do their part, sometimes they plagiarized other’s group report.

Then we have co-curriculum. This one actually is not my favorite. I took cooking class and I really don’t like it there. Here’s a tips. Always take class with your friends. I was always okay with new people as long as everyone is friendly, open minded and not too clingy with their cliques. But that is what happen. They don’t really mingle around with people and only talk to the people they know. Girls, please. If this is a club, you need to be social with everyone. No one is going to eat you and hello? everyone is 18 years old already – do you need your mom to talk on your behalf?

Sorry, I was just reminded to bitter moments and got emotional. Lets get rational and continue with my stories, shall we?

Alright- what do we do in our free time and where do we hang out?

Free time basically is only the weekend. Its not that we are restricted by rules or anything, its just that we don’t really have much time to go out due to all the assignments, reports and subjects that need to be revise. Do all out in the weekdays and enjoy your weekend to the fullest.

During friday nights, I would go down to KKPR (complex with cafe and grocery stores) and hang out with my fellow classmates. The most famous cafe at that time was Kafe Matahari – they have variety of food, their food was delicious and they mantain good services. Everyone loved it. One of the most popular item was ABC with yellow and green color. That RM3.50 ABC was everyone favorites and its basically on most tables during dinner – including our table.


Look at that melted abc ahahahah

Kamila would brought ukelele with her and then we would karaoke our favorite songs. We do it just for fun, by 11 something we would went our rooms already. Yep, its early because I need my beauty sleep.

And for the weekend, sometimes I went out with housemates, most of the time with classmates. I sincerely love my housemates, each one of them were very different in their own way. I’ll tell you all about them in a different post later. I guess because we lived in the same house, we tend to do things together. Also, get in trouble together. What trouble ? Well, here are some examples – trouble is a norm .


When everyone just wanted to stay in, and I’m super bored. Here come my dearest housemate – Najah. She always up for outing if I say “hey wanna go out”. One thing about her is that she’s very loyal and trustworthy. Its been years since I met her but I still respect her for this. We would took the bus and went to Setia City Mall for some food hunting !

Other than that, we would all caved in our rooms streaming movies. Lisa with her vampire diaries. Najah with her phantom of the opera. Ipah and Aishah with their dramas . Me? I would probably joined any one of them. I’m flexible.

Now, the fun part.  There are some moments that stays special in my heart because it was just one of a kind. We had iftar, trips and food hunts . These pictures is during our biology project- we went to Shah Alam Botanical Park.

I went out for iftar twice. The first one was with fellow classmates where we ate pizza at Papa John the second one was with the whole class of C4. (C4 is the name of our class)

Then we had this cute trip funded by UITM – read it here: Trip to Bagan Lalang !At one time, we also ran away to had lunch at McDonalds. McDonalds is like 3km away from campus and its a roadhill. We sneak out between classes just to have lunch there. We merely miss our next lecture. We went there by bus and carpooling into strangers Avanza later on. Thank god the car fit us well. Nope im kidding, we have to sit on top of each other.

We had some supper night and honestly the journey to go and buy supper was troubling. We had to use a car that had air-conditioning malfunction and yeah there was no open windows. Or they called as ‘Oven car’. Can you imagine? I drove all the way to Setia Alam and Yusuf had to wipe of the windshield every single minute ! If not water started to vaporize and block the view. Plus, we are driving at night how dangerous is that? But still, we manage to got good pictures tho.

This is not all. I haven’t told yet the stories of more dramatic nights I had here in Puncak Alam. But, I’ll save that later for a different posts okay. Almost 2000 words already , I will definitely stop here. I’ll write a second part – sequel to this post later. Until then, thank you for reading.


Med interview 2017

Bonjour les amis,

Its been a few weeks since the last medical interview in USM, so I figured I should write a post to provide some exposure for the upcoming students. I had my interview in 2016 and I wrote about it here – medical interview 2016 .

This post will be about the medical interview 2017 , and I got this information thanks to fellow friends and seniors. Major credits goes to Daniel, he experienced the interview himself and emailed me this.


The day finally arrive after 2 weeks of anxiety and insomnia. It is the day that decide my future. I don’t know whether everyone who is going there is having the same feeling . But for me who was selected for interview only for my first UPU choices- USM doktor perubatan and turned down by
2nd – ums perubatan
3rd – unimas perubatan
4th – upm veterinary
This is the only chance for me to get in medicine.
Previously, I wouldn’t think of getting into medicine because I wasn’t from matriculation, instead I went for STPM. For me medicine is a course that requires cgpa 4.0 no matter where are you from. It (medicine) come to my mind sometimes but I dare not think about it, but I gave it a try to apply after getting my result (3.92)
Lets talk about the interview.

I was given the second day of interview (10 jun 2017). I went for morning session which is at 7:30 am but it already packed with candidates and parents during 7:15 am
We registered ourselves.
We are brought to the hospital as usual  just like the previous year. We went through a briefing about MMI (multiple mini interview) but the Dr in charge already know that we were aware about it.

There is a little bit different for this year.
10 station  + 1 extended station + 1 feedback session
10 station ( each station requires 7 min)
-1 rest station
-2 (senario) eng / malay
-3 (writing) malay only. A picture of pattern given and require you to write observation
-4 (senario) malay only
-5 rest station
-6 state medical pathway . Eng only *
-7 (writing) eng only. A picture of a car accident . Write observation.
-8 state your hobby / talent / ability . Malay only.*
-9 rest station
-10 (senario-critical thinking) eng/malay.

**Extended station**
We are brought to some rooms in group.
Group of 10 I think .Given a task to complete in 20 min. In malay
“Menghasilkan penyampaian isu kosmetik kepada orang awam”
Using every thing u can find in the room which basically is a whiteboard, 2 majong paper . Lots of marker pen .
We wrote about ” penggunaan kosmetik tidak diuji / tiruan” kesan dan langkah mengelakkan.
We manage to complete in 20 min.

We went to a room with survey forms about MMI and sone personality test. End.
Basically all certificates i brought is a waste haha. Anyway you wont come empty handed right.


Okay I did rephrase some of his email content. Hehe sorry daniel. But this was all his true experience.

The difference between the interview in 2016 and 2017 – was addition of stations and extended station in group. Some stations require you to speak in english, some in malay and some require you to speak and some require only writing. During my time, there was no writing sessions.

I also bring along my certificates but it was only used in one station. The station that requires you to tell your hobby/talent or experience. But the Dr in charge of that station was just flipping pages and wasn’t really asking me through details.

My blog post won’t go deep into what was the exact questions and whatsoever because I like something to be simple and direct. But if you have more to ask just leave down your comments or email. If you like into detail, then I suggest you read this.  Pengalaman temuduga Dr Aizil .He’s my batchmate and he wrote a very good post- I’m impressed.

Whatever it is, best of luck everyone.

Till here then.

Thank you.



She is

She is a stubborn women who secretly cares for people.

Her ego stop people from loving her, but it also led her to be independent.

How does it feels to become someone who cares for everyone but never show it.

Her surfaces that was seen to other people is – she was that kind of girl who need no one to survive.

But, she made it until today due to everyone around her.

And because she never show it. People left her.

Not once or twice, but so many times until she become speechless.

She was egoistic. However, she was never the selfish kind of girl. She need them but she wants the best for them.

She learned to let go.

Letting go the people that she cared most was never easy every time.

Even if it happens for the thousand times, it stills unbearable.

People questioned her. They say she was heartless and she let people down a lot.

But those questions were just questions.

Her answers were beyond your logic.

She was a magnificent thinker. She took everything into account and she already knew what was going on.

She had a perspective people never seen.

She couldn’t take any emotional burden not because she was weak.

The truth is- She felt everything already, she does not need to be reminded.

The grief inside her was not settling.

And she was never that kind of person to speak out her sad feelings.

But she channels herself into something.

If only people around her were aware enough.

Her appetite, her music’s list , her smile , her eyes and her writings.

Her sadness will never come in a form of speech.

She puts it in a way only people with effort could see.

By then, she saw there was not much people who cared anyway.

But she still does.

For her, everyone have a special place in her heart.

And everyone deserves to be remembered as who they are.

No one should take over other people spot.

People come and go.

But that is alright, no one is getting less.

Because love grows.

And so does she.




PBL 13 in Kuala Terengganu 🏖

Aloha Amigos ,

Alright , finally ! The post that Amirah Nordin has been requesting for a while . This post is just for fun and who knows if I want to throwback to that moment, I can always come back here. Also, it could be a guide for whoever out there who haven’t join a group trip yet.


We all started with a simple meeting a few days before the trip. Like usual , we were lead by Ameerul . And he works as a planner + our financial manager. Ya Tian was assigned to find a good accommodation. Thenan was responsible to find the equipments for BBQ and Ameera was needed to plan games. Raidah, Mirahnord and I went for some groceries shopping on the day of the trip.

We collected around RM100 per person , that makes our trip worth RM800. I spend around RM85 for food and Ya Tian spend around RM200 for hotel rooms. Transportation costs us around RM300 but I don’t know the exact value. And the rest of the money were spend for our food hunt. After the whole trip, we have around RM150 of balance. I think it was a good trip since we didn’t exceed our budget.

Bla Bla Bla about money. Boring ? Alright back to the trip.

On the day of the trip. Raidah and I was needed to prep for chicken and buy stuff for BBQ like sausages, chili sauces , etc. But We don’t have any vehicles to send and pick us up to Mydin. So this is when Amirah Nordin finally function, when she uses her influence to get us a ride. Yeay ! It was rushing indeed when I have to travel back and forth into Mydin for I missed one or a few things.  Then later, as we arrived to our rooms – Raidah and I had to prep all the chicken and sausages. Once we were done, we had like two more hours before we depart to Kuala Terengganu and we haven’t even pack our stuff yet. Errr.


By 3 in the evening , we had one transportation mishap. One of the cars that we rent were used and we couldn’t possibly travel together. We had to split 8 people into two cars. I went with Puvan, Thenan and Ya Tian. We were supposed to move first because Ya Tian wanted to arrive early to check in our hotel rooms. However, we depart to Kuala Terengganu with the other car at the very same time. Meanwhile we went looking for fire, they were waiting for their car. Good news, they got their car. Unfortunately , we got no fire starter.

Around 2 hours and 30 minutes later, we arrived at our hotel in Kuala Terengganu. It was 6.40 PM – we rushed to check in because I have to perform my asar prayer. Later , Ya Tian and I had our pre-dinner at Uncle Chua. A very nice restaurant located just next to the hotel. I’m very satisfied with the hotel room – the price and the coziness suits us well.

After isya , we went to Pantai Batu Buruk and meet up with Ameerul, Ameera , Raidah and Mirahnord. We set up our BBQ equipment – and then comes the real problem. How are we supposed to burn the charcoal without fire starter? Puvan , Mirah and Ya Tian went on the third quest to find a fire starter.

The rest of us stay to try and make something happen. We burn lots of things from tissues to boxes. We tear up the boxes and smashed the charcoal to smaller pieces. It was a real struggle. We all started to complaint how 20 years of living had not teach us anything about manually starting a fire?

We managed to light up all the charcoal 2 hours later. Around 10 pm, we started to grill the sausages and chickens . We also wrapped some sweet potatoes in aluminium and burned it with the charcoal. It was a really pleasant night sitting in a circle – eating and chatting.

Around 11 we already finished packing and cleaning, and we went back to Hotel. Puvan and Thenan went to watch movies , Ya Tian went to visit her friend and the rest of us are back in hotel. Tired and need some sleep.


6.15 AM . Everyone woke up to the sound of alarm and went to perform subuh prayer. By 6.40 we revisit the beach to witness the sunrise , Puvan was the only one left behind because he was just not a morning person. We had our leftover sweet potates by the beach and wet our feet in the water. Picking up some hermit crabs , and taking lots of pictures. Afterwards , we wanted to have breakfast at Mak Ngah Nasi Dagang because it was really famous. But the restaurant was so packed we decided to visit any restaurant by the beach . Luckily we found one that make a very good nasi lemak and Lontong. We spent Rm20 for breakfast and it was worth trying.


Later , we went back to hotel – get dress , pack some stuff and check out. Our next destination was Pasar payang and we didn’t buy anything there ( except for food) , we just walked around taking pictures and scenery. We found a street similar with penang art street – so many beautiful murals and decorations. We decided to walk along the street and take pictures. At first we wanted to visit a dessert shop, but the shop was closed. But I didn’t mind because before that each one of us already had coconut drink and keropok lekor. Simple but tasteful.

After Pasar Payang , we went to McD drive through – had lunch and went straight home. We arrived at USM around 3pm  – which makes our trip officially 24 hours only. It was indeed a very short vacation. But it was fantastic and I hope there’s more to this in the future.


Thank you guys !

So I’ll end my post here. Till I see you guys again.

Thank you


p/s: Puvan and thenan are crazy drivers – please wear seat belts whenever you ride with them.

View into interview

Aloha amigos,

This morning I was suppose to revise my lectures on cardiovascular block but somehow my fingers feels like it need to check on my blog traffic. And so I did. I can see now my post on interview in USM have attracted some readers so I dedicated this post for those students who were looking some tips on medical school interview.

This is solely on my experiences and no , I did not plagiarize from any author whatsoever.

1.Dress to impress

They say first impression speaks a lot. Choose color that are not too bright neither too dark. Avoid color such as bright red, black, yellow . And avoid matching two colors that are blocking each other. Oh yes, for non muslims, if you intended on wearing skirt – wear something at least under your knee. Your skirt cannot be too short because it will appear a bit unprofessional. Also, put on little make up just to shine you. You are not getting married , don’t go overboard.

2. Find out some basic

I actually did not prepare this part at all , except for the very last minute where I overheard a group of people preparing stuff. On the day of my interview , they were discussing on who was the dean , who was the vice chancellor , the chancellor, why USM are labeled Apex . I think this was one necessary point you have to grab in any interview. You have to know what are you applying and who is it – the employer and the company itself. In this case, the course and the university itself.

3. Be confident

As much cliche as it sounds, this is actually really important. I still remember when I was asked “Explain the intergrated curriculum in USM?” . To be honest , I have no idea what was that. I went on speaking about things and subjects and that are related to it, but I have no clue on what was going on. I said to the interviewer ,”Medical student will go into two phase. The clinical and preclinical. You went for clinical in two years and preclinical in 3 years”. And I said it with confident.

As I walked out of that room, I realize how stupid I was. It turns out that we undergo pre-clinical for the first two years, and continue with clinical with the rest of 3 years. I messed up in organizing my words and I even got my fact wrong.

But hey, look at me now. I am already here in USM. I guess confident is key. Keep a good eye contact and speak gently , not too fast or too slow. Be polite and say thank you for the opportunity.

4. You are winner

Show them your very best quality. Some people came with a very marvelous background for example , winning the Sukma, grade 8 in violin , or went to international debate. If you have one, then don’t be shy and just sell yourself okay. But, don’t be cocky. If you don’t have such certificate then it’s okay. Everyone have a story to tell. Tell them your strength and what life experiences taught you. Tell them your passion and what are you looking forward for in the future. Show them that you are ambitious and you know how to achieve your target.


At the end of first semester

Whatever it is, as long as you want it- you are going to have it. I’m sure that some of you have more questions on interview or stuff. Feel free to comment or leave your email. I think I am going to end my post here. I was suppose to study , I have finals in a month and 144 topics to cover. phew.

Till I see you guys again.

Thank you.


Foundation and degree – part 1

Aloha amigos,

So how was your life going on? Having it hard or does it seems like everything is going well? If you are having a difficult moments right now, don’t forget to put up a smile. That is the first step of being a strong human being. However, for those who were having a great moment, don’t forget those people around you and of course, praise be to Allah.

I’m about to share some of my experiences back in foundation life and compared it with a degree life ( referring medicine – the only course I took for degree) . Since there is so much to tell, I’ll divide my writing into several post. And this is part one.

Ready for your tape?

First of all, the schedule. Remember back in foundation, we have a very fixed schedule for the entire semester , plus they also provided us with semester break and dates of the holidays were told beforehand. But definitely not here. The only semester break we got here is during first semester and it was only for a week. We didn’t get any break for second semester and I don’t think they will change that as we progress.

firstflightwithfam (3)

Since we have to adapt with such situations, sometimes we made a pact with the doctor in charge of our PBL* and rearrange our own schedule so that we can have no classes on thursday. Since weekend holidays in Kelantan are Friday and Saturday, a holiday on thursday give us 3 days free of classes. And that’s how we made our getaway.

But despite achieving this self-made holiday, some of us don’t go home at all. Some lived too far , it cost a lot. Especially if you are trying to save time and bought an airplane tickets. You can never buy an airplane tickets two months before holiday if you don’t even know when is it going to be. If you plan to travel via buses , then suffered the long hours of journey and exhaustion. 1 day travel home, 1 day relax , and 1 more day to travel back to college. See how exhausting it could be?

Regarding the self-made holiday . If let say , the doctor in charge for us didn’t agree with the idea , then say goodbye for home and try again next week.

You might think why would all of us so obsess with going home ? Your thoughts be like “Grow up everyone!” . That would be due to our life here. As much as we enjoy it, sometimes it drains us. So much that we didn’t just feel tired physically , but emotionally. To be able to see our family even just for a short escape, was indeed a huge pleasure and stress reliever.

We also did this trying-to-escape-medic-school trick almost every month , for some people – week. This is due to our unfixed schedule. If you have a schedule for January class, you have no idea what will happen in the next block of learning in February. We constantly lived in surprises , at this point we have no idea what to expect anymore.

Are you wondering by now? Why not just make a fixed schedule ?

We couldn’t possibly achieve that. Each subject is taught by different lecturers in different areas of specialty. They also have research to do, classes with the master’s students , clinical stuff and some administration work. We need to fit into their schedule , instead of them fit into ours. Fair enough? yes.

So, what was the surprises I was talking about?

Recently we just undergo the hematopoietic system block. Before that, we were told that our duration of weeks for each block depends on how heavy the topic is. Upon hearing we will only study that system for 3 weeks, we consider it was an easy topic. YEAY. Because other blocks took around 5 to 6 weeks.

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Sadly to say, it was one of the most cramped weeks I ever had in my life.  It was 3 weeks of non stop lectures and lab practicals. There was one time, we had to sit for 6 lectures straight in one day. No it is not easy. If one lecture have the average of 60 slides, the overall slides we have to learn for that day are 360 slides. But I think we did exceed that amount.

I believe I already fell asleep during the second lecture. Everyone in the hall knew the struggles , it was a battle you could never win.

After a whole day of lectures, we are required to study for our PBL* session. So , think about it. When are we going to revise the previous lectures? Yes , good job. Revise it in our sleep.

These compacted schedule also includes our co-curriculum activity which is also compulsory. Sometimes, after a long tiring day – you don’t really feel like doing anything except lying on your bed and calm down. But you can’t do that. Get up , get up. co-curriculum is waiting. It’s wise to say , choose your favorite activity for your your extra classes. If not, you are going to regret it and end up forcing yourself for the whole semester. Don’t waste your time as you barely had any.

After this really long post , can you see the difference now? your degree life and foundation life? Or for some people – matriculation and A-level.

To make it simple, foundation life with fixed schedule and degree life with chaotic schedule. There are days where you have lectures only, there are days you have lab practicals and lectures, there are also days you have PBL* discussion , lectures and practicals. And Monday of this week will never be the same with Monday of next week or Monday of previous week. pheww

I still recall in foundation , we usually finished a lecture with 85 slides in like 3 hours per week. And this was organic chemistry on alkyl halides and alcohol. And biology with 169 slides , example : circulatory system , would take around 2 weeks . Equal to 6 hours . and physics around few topics per week ( So many topics , but around 15 to 30 slides per topics) . Did you do the math?

So my estimation would be – on average , we had 260 slides per week to be revise . Which is equal to the number of slides per day for medical students.

Okay , but this is like some of the days in a week. There were days that we only have one lecture with only 50 slides – Yeay . That was considered a huge blessings for us.


pbl mates

I hope to those who are going to choose medical as your LIFE , do take this into consideration. If you are not up to busy schedule and have lots of things you want to achieve apart from studies, then make a very wise decision. If you believe this is right, then proceed. If it is not, its alright.

And for those who currently wearing the same shoes as I do, I hope you guys can relate. But this is just part one, right? More coming soon In shaa Allah. Till I see you guys next time.

Thank you.


p/s: PBL is also called problem based learning. Which we are given a case study to be discuss with our members of the groups. And our participation and knowledge to the discussion will be judged by doctor in charge of the week. The marks obtain during the discussion will be an individual carry marks for finals.