Med interview 2017

Bonjour les amis, Its been a few weeks since the last medical interview in USM, so I figured I should write a post to provide some exposure for the upcoming students. I had my interview in 2016 and I wrote about it here - medical interview 2016 . This post will be about the medical interview … Continue reading Med interview 2017


PBL 13 in Kuala Terengganu 🏖

Aloha Amigos , Alright , finally ! The post that Amirah Nordin has been requesting for a while . This post is just for fun and who knows if I want to throwback to that moment, I can always come back here. Also, it could be a guide for whoever out there who haven't join … Continue reading PBL 13 in Kuala Terengganu 🏖

Study Week

Aloha Amigos, Rough month everyone . It seems that I have left this blog for almost a month and honestly I couldn't find any proper time to really sit down and write my thoughts. I barely had any time for myself. I even uninstalled my Instagram for the purpose to reduce my personal online time … Continue reading Study Week