Semester 4 so far ?

Bonjour Les Amis, I swear it has been ages since I wrote a blog post. Usually I would separate all of these stories into different posts but time is crucial and I don't have any. I'm nearing my pro-exam and there are mountains of notes I need to read . So here goes the chronology … Continue reading Semester 4 so far ?


The Winning Year 🏆

Bonjour les amis, Another great day to share something with you guys. Recently I went on some trips because I am literally fed up of medical school and need a nice tan skin. Just kidding- I enjoy my time here despite having to read so many books and notes but hey no I am not … Continue reading The Winning Year 🏆

She is

She is a stubborn women who secretly cares for people. Her ego stop people from loving her, but it also led her to be independent. How does it feels to become someone who cares for everyone but never show it. Her surfaces that was seen to other people is - she was that kind of … Continue reading She is

Study Week

Aloha Amigos, Rough month everyone . It seems that I have left this blog for almost a month and honestly I couldn't find any proper time to really sit down and write my thoughts. I barely had any time for myself. I even uninstalled my Instagram for the purpose to reduce my personal online time … Continue reading Study Week