Semester 4 so far ?

Bonjour Les Amis, I swear it has been ages since I wrote a blog post. Usually I would separate all of these stories into different posts but time is crucial and I don't have any. I'm nearing my pro-exam and there are mountains of notes I need to read . So here goes the chronology … Continue reading Semester 4 so far ?


The Winning Year 🏆

Bonjour les amis, Another great day to share something with you guys. Recently I went on some trips because I am literally fed up of medical school and need a nice tan skin. Just kidding- I enjoy my time here despite having to read so many books and notes but hey no I am not … Continue reading The Winning Year 🏆

Study Week

Aloha Amigos, Rough month everyone . It seems that I have left this blog for almost a month and honestly I couldn't find any proper time to really sit down and write my thoughts. I barely had any time for myself. I even uninstalled my Instagram for the purpose to reduce my personal online time … Continue reading Study Week