Taking a break from Medsoc

Bonjour les amis,

I haven’t been writing for so long but I am really excited because my upcoming weeks are less packed than any other days before. Plus, i am officially done with medical society for this term ! YES

Well, if you have been following my previous post – a year ago I went for an interview to become the committee of medical society and I was accepted to become part of the students development bureau . I applied for a spot in public relation but I am glad I was sort into something that is more – me.

agm1718 (42)

Yep my picture is on the wall

Student development mainly focus on enhancing students skills, morals and knowledge. Therefore, during our term- we execute two events which are Sunaton and Konvensyen Fiqh Perubatan . ( I still haven’t write about this one hehe) Since I am no longer a part of the bureau, I do realize the program conducted was a little bit biased since it does benefit the muslims more than the non-muslims. Most probably because we didn’t have any non muslims exco at that time and we didn’t really have any different point of view. But I’m pretty sure this year it’s going to be much better with new diversities of members.

Why I quit medical society? I am currently enrolling medicine as a second year students which means I am going to take my pro exam this year. Despite polishing my soft skills is important, I also need to focus on my education and pass my pre-clinical years. But, I’m not quitting everything all at once, I still joined Junior Doctor and I am excited for this year (I’m holding a different positions now).

agm1718 (80)

Another medsoc member that is very great in financial and deco !

What did I learn from medical society? A lot of things. One of it was my working pattern. I’m not a perfectionist but I like to do things that satisfy most parties and my very own principal is to make sure everyone get a proper treatment. People’s welfare are definitely top priority. For example, if we are inviting people to our program , we have to provide as much as we could as a host. Not just like “hey come here and join us” but more like ” hi, welcome and join us. Is there anything that you need, do ask and remind us. We are glad to help you around” . There is nothing more comforting than a warm reception.

agm1718 (30)

Sneak peek pictures of ex roomies

Also, I did learned that everyone have their own working pattern and you need to be quick to notice this. Tips to overcome people with different idea is to adapt with the situation and always communicate. Often times, you’ll find people who are good in doing their job but they are not the type to initiate – more to following orders only when told. Or you might encounter people who can be very manipulative, they do something only if we benefit them. And of course, people who didn’t want to do anything at all and quite excellent in giving excuses.

photo6334508121271150564 (1)

My new roomies – Nawal and Mun. Mun are not in the picture currently, maybe in the future. She does not look excited as I do but I’m telling you, I know she is excited hahaha.

Despite all that, there will always be hidden gems that shine between those people. They are the person that is very diligent, quick, creative and really good as both leader and follower. I do find myself adoring these type of people especially when they have good communication skills and proper manner. For instance, even as a leader- they were punctual, they talk smoothly and enchantingly, they say thank you for all of our hard work and they say sorry when they make a mistake. At the end of the day, common sense is really important which you cannot just obtain from reading books and lectures. It will come naturally when you are in a working environment that display fine demeanor.

agm1718 (49)

I was very lucky I manage to take a picture with my idol. He had many experiences in technical, protocols, public relation, graphics but most importantly he was the president for Aboriginal Outreach (A volunteering program that provides health care towards orang asli)

Our final task before retiring was conducting the Annual Grand Meeting to discuss the outcome of the association after a year, to appoint a new high commander, plus to discuss the future vision and mission. I was assigned along with Kak Najiha, Syafiq and Meerul to look for performers and planned a gimmick. Alhamdulillah it went smoothly and I am really glad I didn’t pick to help with the backstage. At least I could sit down and enjoy my dinner, yey.

By the way, do you wonder?

Who is my members of bureau? Well, first of all – Student development bureau are monitored by Kak Rasya ( treasurer ) and lead by Nik Arif. The rest of the team are Kak Wani, Kak Najiha, Kak Asmida, Ameerul, Suhayl, Ella and Syafiq. So that makes nine of us in the team and I will miss everyone for sure. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for this wonderful experience and I am looking forward in working with you guys in the future.


agm1718 (102)

Our batch shows the highest attendance for AGM which makes me really happy

I guess that’s all I have to write for now. It is 12 am already and I really need some good night sleep. Till we meet again.

Thank you.



Foundation Days Part 2

Bonjour Les Amis,

Moving on to second semester shall we?

Z-23March (1)

The first time I arrived in UITM Dengkil, I was quite sad to be honest. The house getting smaller and they only allocated 6 people per house. Before this in Palam it was 8 people in a house. Two among us are going to move to a different unit. It was really sad since I was close with Najah and we were no longer housemates. Luckily, Sarah and Najah move out but still manage as our neighbor and live just right next to us.

PaperBiology (34)

Focus on the floor please 

The house had no tiles flooring, only cements. Ipah bought vinyl mat and we help her install the vinyl to our flooring. At least our feet won’t be dirty with cement dusts all the time. We had one bathroom and one toilet – which was sufficient and modern enough for us. During our time, we sometimes experience temporary unavailability of water supply. It was random too, we had notice beforehand but it was confusing. For example, we were told they are not going to be any water on Monday, so we saved our water from Sunday and there was no water cut. We used up all the water because we needed the water bucket to do laundry. Suddenly on Friday, bammm. yep, there was a water cut. I got lucky because I always shower early in the morning, so if you have class and haven’t shower, seems likely you have to walk to another block and shower at your friend’s houses. Much work to do there.

Our houses was Dahlia 1, fourth floor. We had a great view that looks like a lake but it used to be mining site that were not use anymore. In the morning and evening, we could see beautiful sunrise and sunset . Amazing. Just put #uitmdengkil on twitter on instagram  and you would see them. Yes I know Dengkil is not the only place with skies but it seems like Dengkil students are obsessed with skies compared to other uni’s students. I have some pictures here that I stole from Zafeq’s tweet ahahahaha. Credit to him okay.

I believe as a women, I prefer Dengkil because we were isolated from the gentlemen blocks. We had our own sports facilities inside like a tennis court and some badminton courts. We had our own netball court too. It was much more comfortable for me to go out and jog without having the insecurities of guys checking me out. Muslim girls, you know that feeling, don’t you? I’m a shy girl okay. pffftttt yeah right

My housemates and I would go out as early as 6.50 or 7 and jog for 20 minutes around the block , probably less than that if there’s dogs scattering around. At first I was so shook the dogs would chase after me, but after a while I guess we got used to each other. Dogs would just look at us jogging and do nothing while sticking their tongue out. In the weekend, we would spent a much longer time , because afterwards we would go have breakfast at the Cafe. Favorite choice – roti canai and teh tarik. True Malaysians – yes.

Class schedule was just as similar as the one in the first semester , except for math class. After our first test, majority of us failed in maths (that includes me) and I was pretty much yep, stupid. I am that kind of person who would focus in class because there were too many subjects and very limited time for me to revise. I only managed to revise some and that some is definitely not math. I don’t do math – I’m more to sciences.  So, zero focus plus zero hard work equal to failure. Well, at least I know one equation. Because of that, a few students filed a report to exchange their math lecturer. Other classes with the same math lecturer joined the petition and yes the lecturer are not teaching math in lectures anymore. He worked fully as a tutor. For me, I see him as a math genius. You know how genius are, sometimes they understand things and it’s hard for them to make people see what they see. I feel bad because it feels like we didn’t appreciate him but we need to fully understand what we learn too, right?


At that moment, UITM had very limited math lecturers. Because of that, the other math teachers had to take more classes than they already have. Since our schedule are so packed, class extend till night. I still remember getting dress up after maghrib because I still have class while my housemates are relaxing in the house. But the fun part about night class is – after every class my classmates and I would go and have some ice cream to treat ourselves. And it become a habit.

One of the few interesting things that happen during my time, is the outfit drama. Yes, you hear me. If you were there, you can really differentiate students the way they dress. This doesn’t go for everyone because each person have their own preferences right? But most of us are like this. (girls only) For example, if you see students who wore baju kurung, tudung crepe, baju muslimah and t-shirt with long skirts – these are the sciences students. If you see students who are wearing pants, boyfriend shirts, shawls – these are engineering students. It’s rare to see engineering students wear baju kurung maybe because there aren’t many female students in their class. Law students wore bold clothes and make up. Usually on wednedsay, they would wear black and white – that’s how you differentiate them. Tesl students they are the mix of all types. They can be wearing anything.

Best part is, every friday everyone wore jubah and baju melayu. What a pleasant sight !


One day, a drama was triggered between science and law students.  Allegedly, law students talk about how ‘selekeh’ these science nerds look. I have no idea how this drama started but it spread through out the whole campus and twitter. Honestly, we doesn’t even know if they say it, but its like a war back then. Words by words bashing each other on twitter. Letters by letters in the elevator , being sarcastic to each other. I have no idea. Maybe because I didn’t have any twitter yet at that particular time. I only make a twitter account after I finished foundation.

UITM Dengkil was fun on its own. I’m not that popular kid around the block. People don’t know me and I don’t know people. But life was great that way. I had fun with my own cliques doing our own thing. Like going to pasar malam, bakery, cool blog, malls and events. Some big events I attend was the gala night and a marathon. That was all.


Every day I would drop by the bakery just to get my favorite cinnamon rolls. It was very good and if you are attending Dengkil and ate those , you know it ! Anjung Dengkil was such heaven, even if you are not buying anything – just hang out there feels great. The best part other than cinnamon rolls is the most famous NASI AYAM PENYET. Yess, my mouth become watery just thinking about it. Super spicy and extra hot but definitely addictive.

Besides Anjung Dengkil , we do go to IOI or Alamanda. Rent some cars or take any taxi. I really spend lots of time there with my fellow housemates. Watching movies and food hunting. It was such a good time.

I cried when I finished foundation. Those time there was really priceless. I have one more advice to share. Don’t give up too soon okay. I also had my time where as I failed paper, and my carry marks are very low. I have to achieve an extremely high marks on finals to compensate for that. But it’s very important to fight until the end, Allah will ease you all the way. In shaa Allah.

Thank you for reading.


Med interview 2017

Bonjour les amis,

Its been a few weeks since the last medical interview in USM, so I figured I should write a post to provide some exposure for the upcoming students. I had my interview in 2016 and I wrote about it here – medical interview 2016 .

This post will be about the medical interview 2017 , and I got this information thanks to fellow friends and seniors. Major credits goes to Daniel, he experienced the interview himself and emailed me this.


The day finally arrive after 2 weeks of anxiety and insomnia. It is the day that decide my future. I don’t know whether everyone who is going there is having the same feeling . But for me who was selected for interview only for my first UPU choices- USM doktor perubatan and turned down by
2nd – ums perubatan
3rd – unimas perubatan
4th – upm veterinary
This is the only chance for me to get in medicine.
Previously, I wouldn’t think of getting into medicine because I wasn’t from matriculation, instead I went for STPM. For me medicine is a course that requires cgpa 4.0 no matter where are you from. It (medicine) come to my mind sometimes but I dare not think about it, but I gave it a try to apply after getting my result (3.92)
Lets talk about the interview.

I was given the second day of interview (10 jun 2017). I went for morning session which is at 7:30 am but it already packed with candidates and parents during 7:15 am
We registered ourselves.
We are brought to the hospital as usual  just like the previous year. We went through a briefing about MMI (multiple mini interview) but the Dr in charge already know that we were aware about it.

There is a little bit different for this year.
10 station  + 1 extended station + 1 feedback session
10 station ( each station requires 7 min)
-1 rest station
-2 (senario) eng / malay
-3 (writing) malay only. A picture of pattern given and require you to write observation
-4 (senario) malay only
-5 rest station
-6 state medical pathway . Eng only *
-7 (writing) eng only. A picture of a car accident . Write observation.
-8 state your hobby / talent / ability . Malay only.*
-9 rest station
-10 (senario-critical thinking) eng/malay.

**Extended station**
We are brought to some rooms in group.
Group of 10 I think .Given a task to complete in 20 min. In malay
“Menghasilkan penyampaian isu kosmetik kepada orang awam”
Using every thing u can find in the room which basically is a whiteboard, 2 majong paper . Lots of marker pen .
We wrote about ” penggunaan kosmetik tidak diuji / tiruan” kesan dan langkah mengelakkan.
We manage to complete in 20 min.

We went to a room with survey forms about MMI and sone personality test. End.
Basically all certificates i brought is a waste haha. Anyway you wont come empty handed right.


Okay I did rephrase some of his email content. Hehe sorry daniel. But this was all his true experience.

The difference between the interview in 2016 and 2017 – was addition of stations and extended station in group. Some stations require you to speak in english, some in malay and some require you to speak and some require only writing. During my time, there was no writing sessions.

I also bring along my certificates but it was only used in one station. The station that requires you to tell your hobby/talent or experience. But the Dr in charge of that station was just flipping pages and wasn’t really asking me through details.

My blog post won’t go deep into what was the exact questions and whatsoever because I like something to be simple and direct. But if you have more to ask just leave down your comments or email. If you like into detail, then I suggest you read this.  Pengalaman temuduga Dr Aizil .He’s my batchmate and he wrote a very good post- I’m impressed.

Whatever it is, best of luck everyone.

Till here then.

Thank you.



She is

She is a stubborn women who secretly cares for people.

Her ego stop people from loving her, but it also led her to be independent.

How does it feels to become someone who cares for everyone but never show it.

Her surfaces that was seen to other people is – she was that kind of girl who need no one to survive.

But, she made it until today due to everyone around her.

And because she never show it. People left her.

Not once or twice, but so many times until she become speechless.

She was egoistic. However, she was never the selfish kind of girl. She need them but she wants the best for them.

She learned to let go.

Letting go the people that she cared most was never easy every time.

Even if it happens for the thousand times, it stills unbearable.

People questioned her. They say she was heartless and she let people down a lot.

But those questions were just questions.

Her answers were beyond your logic.

She was a magnificent thinker. She took everything into account and she already knew what was going on.

She had a perspective people never seen.

She couldn’t take any emotional burden not because she was weak.

The truth is- She felt everything already, she does not need to be reminded.

The grief inside her was not settling.

And she was never that kind of person to speak out her sad feelings.

But she channels herself into something.

If only people around her were aware enough.

Her appetite, her music’s list , her smile , her eyes and her writings.

Her sadness will never come in a form of speech.

She puts it in a way only people with effort could see.

By then, she saw there was not much people who cared anyway.

But she still does.

For her, everyone have a special place in her heart.

And everyone deserves to be remembered as who they are.

No one should take over other people spot.

People come and go.

But that is alright, no one is getting less.

Because love grows.

And so does she.




Study Week

Aloha Amigos,

Rough month everyone . It seems that I have left this blog for almost a month and honestly I couldn’t find any proper time to really sit down and write my thoughts. I barely had any time for myself. I even uninstalled my Instagram for the purpose to reduce my personal online time and focus on what is real – which is my upcoming finals.

However, despite being successful in staying away from Instagram – I end up finding myself playing candy crush and Ding! Ding! Ding! I finished 86 levels in just 3-4 days.

I don’t know if that is something to be proud of or that is just another silly proof of why I can’t stay away from my phone.

Anyway, all this exam thingy – they got into everyone’s head. Students are stressing out because apparently we all are chasing the perfect four flat score for the sake of applying scholarship. And for those who already on sponsor, they are also struggling to keep the flow of cash into their account.

It appears everyone is on hot seats. I have my own struggles too. Having to decide whether to sleep or study is a real struggle. Indeed it is.

Despite being stress , I can also guarantee you our stress level perhaps fluctuate at certain times only, meanwhile – the rest of the days seems to be stress-free for no reason.

Perhaps because we were assured that it is normal to fail in medics, which is something that none of us should aim for in life. I mean, come on man. At least show a little effort and passion.  To those who are reading this, please do not attempt any of this negative thoughts at home or anywhere you are.

The thing is, kids- Do not study for the sake of exams. I always think that the best time to actually study is after any test or quizzes you have. At that time, you are not pressure to prove yourself. You are free to do anything , so when you decide to actually read on stuffs, you are genuinely doing it because you like it.

Also, study for the sake of the future. It hits me every single time I read something “I have to read carefully , this is going to be important in the future”. The best thing about knowledge is surely to apply them. It does not matter how – you could use it to solve problems or during teaching – but what matters is when? The future In shaa Allah.

Apart from that, another common things about study week is how much of mood swings we can get – playing with our hearts and minds and make us feel irrationally dumb and insane. One moment you lose your appetite , the next moment you can eat the entire elephant .

Elephant masak lemak.

Alright just kidding. ‘Incase any animal-humanitarian out there are hunting me for those statement. No, I did not eat any elephant.’

Not to mention the amount of 3 in 1 beverages we had consume for the past weeks. I fear the carcinogenic substances contained in all of the processed food will bring harm to me in no time but I also cannot deny how much I need it. You are not at home. There’s no warm food to make you feel like ‘ hey, study mode all day is okay.’ 

That one my friend, surely is hell.

Whatever it is, I’m looking forward for all this to end. Hopefully everything goes well for our upcoming exam. I really need a vacation right now.


Throwback to the moment where I had a stomach ache and we were waiting for bus – Plus,Kamila being chatty to comfort me. 

That’s all for today. Thank you.


Nandos month !

Aloha Amigos,

Seriously guys, I usually managed to update at least a post per week. Nowadays , I barely have time to even check on my blog. Is it dusty yet? I hope not. In compensate to that, I decided to briefly share what was happening for this entire month.

First and foremost, I officially declare this month as Nandos Month ! Because I went there for the forth time last week and the best part is that I went there with different people every time. The first one was with Mad and Ijat , seniors from school of dentistry USM. Also with my best buddies, Mirah and Bina. Lol, no picture taken. God why?!?

The second one was with Murnivengers. Basically Murnivengers is the name we gave to our squad who happens to be living in Murni residential in USM. Our rooms are nearby each other, so we pretty much are neighbor-squad. Here some tips, make friends with your neighbors. They are super duper fun.


The third one was with Kamila and Zafeq. Kamila came to visit us here in Kota Bharu. She came all the way from Terengganu and I’m so flattered. The effort she took when she said she misses us, not just merely words. Can you imagine? I barely had any money at that time but if she makes a sacrifice , then so should I.  #tgfc4 Its good to have the evening talking with someone who used to spent weird life adventures with you.

The forth time I went there was with some of the Blackcurrent members, but I had my lunch there with my dear Mirah. Feels like a date . Wish Bina was here as well, feels incomplete without her.

So, that sums up my Nandos week. Even though so many things did happen actually but I couldn’t share everything right? Wait , yeah I remember something. During christmas holidays, we all didn’t go home so we went for food hunting. Where is the best place to get plenty of food early in the morning? Pasar Siti Khadijah ! Only in Kelantan, yes .

Bon, Azrul, Mirah, Bina and I – we went there as early as 8 and had our breakfast there. Lontong, Capati and roti canai. Afterwards, we went strolling in the market and got ourselves lots of kuih (malaysian desserts) .

However, one of our mistakes was when we didn’t invite Ameerul to the market as well. Ameerul, or so-called-prof, sulks for the entire week. Sorry, but just so you know, it would be so much better with you prof. Sorry again hehe.

I guess despite having a stressful month, because of the upcoming finals. I still managed to go out and eat. Work load increase. Stress level increase. Food hunting decrease. Sleeping increase too. Plus, Eating in constant manner. Conclusion? Still survive.  What to expect when you’re in med school , right?

I guess that’s all for this post.

Thank you


MIVG 2016 🥇

Aloha Amigos,

So as promised, here are the post on MIVG which stands for Medical Inter Varsity Games . And this year MIVG was held at UKM Bangi and received around 2000+ participation. Making it the biggest involvement of students from various universities and colleges since 2009. Also , this year marks the year USM finally send a contingent of athletes consists of 134 medical students from all five batch. How interesting !

So to be fair, the person in charge for each game did a selection session to decide on a team. Despite being a first year student – with a not really that steadfast skills – the seniors accepted me to be a part of their team. Perhaps for exposure purpose but I’m thankful anyway. Especially, those practices with them before the game really helped me to improve a lot. The best one I had was the last game during the test court session. Thanks seniors. Yeay Volley ball team !


I’ll pretend I did not miss playing with them

Day 1

We went to UKM on the night of 8th December and arrived 9th December morning. Check in into our rooms , went for breakfast then straight to the court to do some practice. That evening I did nothing but sleep and then Qaisara, Hariz and I went for food hunting around Bangi ! Originally we wanted to try Mee Tarik but then , as suggested by the our grabcar driver, he sent us to have sate Kajang. Which is quite okay but my favorite part is when we went for strolling around the food truck areas.

So many food trucks and so many food to choose from! I bought a bowl of toppoki (a korean dish) because I have been craving for it. But it got more interesting when Qaisara and I found out that Hariz never taste one, so we gave him a try of the snack. He took a bite and make such an odd face with funny comments. Eventually, I think he likes it. However to be honest, not the best topokki out there. I still think topokki from Dubuyo is the best one I’ve taste so far.

Okay done with food hunting. We went back to hostels and get some rest. The very next day was our game day !

Day 2

That morning we had to assemble at the foyer as early as 7 AM because we had to attend the morning ceremony. All athletes wore the official contingent jersey and yes the spirit that morning was on fire ! Everyone were excited for their games .

Basically my day was going to opening ceremony, went to volleyball match, support other member’s games and sleep. That night had dinner with friends and sleep. Sounds simple but the memories were precious and I’ll keep it to myself. hehe

About the volleyball matches , there were many complications and problems arises due to the management team. Also, some players who misunderstood the rules and regulations.I prefer not to tell here, feel free to ask about my experience if you are interested.

Of course its not happening to just volley players, almost other players from different games had the same experience too. But, we had our lesson and next year we know how to deal with this. In shaa Allah.

I also met a few of my friends from pre-med and it felt great to come to a place where not everyone is a stranger. But we didn’t get to spend much time due to everyone’s busy schedules.

Day 2

I woke up early that morning thinking that I had to assemble at 7, but turns out it was only for those involved in competitions. Supporters are going by bus at 9. And so I cleaned my room and went for breakfast with the seniors. How lovely.

Until someone suddenly make an appearance with her white high heels and gorgeously looking like she’s going to a prestige dinner. Yes you kill with that look. Ahahahaha she wore it so well to the extend she felt insecure thinking that she might be over-dress. Or maybe she did not? One glance at her and you know it- yep its Nadia Iman.

I literally hang out with her , from watching to Amirah 1500 m long distance running to watching Alice’s tennis games. We all went out for lunch that after afternoon and thank you Alice for everything. No, thanks everyone for a warmth and lovely lunch.


Afterwards, we went back to the stadium and supports our member till the rest of the event . I sincerely admirer all the seniors that went to MIVG on how supportive and skillful they are. Track and field contestant basically swipe all those gold , silver medals and we were all so proud of them.


Look at our little Mirah running ! 

We went back to hostel , packed our stuff and leave UKM that night. A little part of my heart muffled in silence, I was tired and wanted to go home but at the same time I enjoyed being there so much. However , every good thing need to come to an end.

That night we went to IOI,  bought ourselves some dinner and went all the way to USM. Our bas was the second to arrive, around 7.30 AM.

Was playing truant worth it for MIVG? Indeed yes. I would definitely try harder and participate again next year, In shaa Allah. Oh yes , USM was the first-runner up with the most medals !



I guess that’s all for this post. Sorry it took longer than promised.

Thank you.