Sukad Murni 🌼

Aloha amigos, Hope you guys are doing fine, with the H5N1 break out in Kelantan , please be cautious and watch out for your diet. My week here had been full with anatomy of gastrointestinal tract and of course it was never easy. But , indeed it was an interesting week of memorizing medical jargon … Continue reading Sukad Murni 🌼


A month of tachycardia ❤️

Aloha amigos, Ya Allah I seriously left this blog for so long. I used to have an oath to make sure I write at least one post per week. Then, i got lenient and started to change my rules. Okay iza, one post per month. And then there you goes, no post at all for … Continue reading A month of tachycardia ❤️