What is your image of a medical doctor?

Image of a medical doctor? A random question coming from a random doctor storming into a not so random class-because he knew it was the year 1 lecture hall.

To be honest , I haven’t make up my mind to become a doctor, until early this year. Why do I want to become one?

As one of the Y-generation, I would have to say social media have become our norm. Mention it- snapchat, instagram, twitter, facebook – Yep , I have it all. I’m an active user as well. You should see my instagram story, I’m freaking funny. Okay sorry for being narcissistic.

Well here’s my point, there are numerous of doctor-celebrity or I don’t know what people even call them. But they are incredibly well known yet they are a doctor? How is that even possible?

I see them as someone I looked up too. Before this we all been preached that doctor are sloppy, non-fashionable and of course far from trend. I mean why is such stereotype even exist?

But those doctor-celebrity doesn’t seem so. They are , you can say, ATTRACTIVE? Yes.

That is one of the reason I’m here too. Even though I’m a first-year medical student and it’s going to take more upcoming hell years- still I would really like to experience that. Only when you have been to hell, you know how to appreciate heaven. Isn’t it? Also, to break the stereotypes of the doctor’s image.

I’m going to become a well-dressed , pretty awesome doctor with my eyebrows on fleek. AHAHAHAHAHA

Okay , all those stupid stuff I just mention up there – it is true. However , it’s not the main reason why I actually jumped into this field.

The image I have always pictured on a doctor is – strong, friendly, wise and most importantly happy.

And that my dear doctors, are also my goals.

Yet every doctor claimed that it was a horrible dreadful path , they still make it. They become a strong doctor because they never quit. Hey, you’re not the only who’s going to be strong. I’m going to make it there too! Challenge please come to MAMA!

Other than that, let’s talk about being friendly. In this vast world, there lives a few people who thought that they are much better than everyone else just because they have slightly more knowledge. And doctors are one of the occupation that resembles a “yeah-i-have-more-knowledge-than-you” person.

Once they feel that way, they started to become pompous and snobbish. And you know what comes after that? Ego and absolutely a not-so-friendly character.

I despise that and every single day I’m telling myself to not become one. I wanted to become a doctor who anyone can approach. They don’t feel inferior towards me and nor do I feel that towards them. Or as I mention before, a friendly doctor.

A doctor who always take opportunity to give salam first . A warmth doctor whose smile greets everyone. A cheerful , bubbly doctor that everyone can say – she’s my friend.

Next, a freaking wise doctor!

When I mention wise, I’m referring to the character. A doctor who always think and care about patients more than anything. More than her on-point eyebrow and more than the shape of her hijab that day.

They don’t just work to cure diseases , instead they work to treat the patient- as a whole. They are there, to help people both physically and emotionally.  I imagine a wise doctor as a doctor that have a great heart. She never lose herself in her job and life, and she always prioritize her patient .

Because,  a not-so-wise doctor would have probably work just for the title and salary. And probably for the fame.

What a bummer! Don’t lose yourselves dear doctors.

Finally, A HAPPY DOCTOR ! Whatever struggles a doctor may have, a doctor should be happy because they are the chosen one. They make the choice to be there !

Yes I know it’s hell ! It’s been killing you from the inside that you did’t have enough sleep , enough feed and enough friends to hang out with. But can’t you see?

You should be extra happy ! Waking up in the morning and talk to yourself ” Hey gorgeous, you’re a doctor”.

You are given the privilege to help people, to use your knowledge , to spend time on good terms ! More importantly, to share all the love in your great damn heart. (I’m not referring to cardiomegaly , I’m just saying it in a literature form)

That’s what I’m aiming for when I become one. Also, I’ve seen these values on other doctors so I suppose these goals are achievable. Nothing is impossible ! YEAY

Last but not least, in order to create a good image on a doctor, you have to be one first ! Be diligent, work hard and most importantly – be THE TREND !







Induction to Medicine 🌸

Aloha amigos,

I just finished my induction week. Yesterday it took me the whole night to reach Perak from Kelantan. My body still sores but my mind want to write so bad. So here I am.


Nurani is my second home after Murni.

I think now that I’m officially a first year medical student – I get asked a lot.

“Why do you want to become a doctor?”

Same question over and over, but inside me the answers differ every time. I don’t actually want to become a doctor until last year. I had some sense knock on my door making me choose this path.

If you ask me what I want to be 10 years before, I would say either a fashion designer or interior designer ! Because arts have always been a part of me. But now I’m here, I still want to keep that creativity in me. So, I decided to join a crafty co-curriculum activity. I’ll reveal later in the future.

Now, lets go back to the question. Here is one of my answers.

Being a doctor require great sacrifice and it all begins from medical school. I’m not saying that other career doesn’t require sacrifice, you’ll see my point. Just keep reading.

In the middle of PPSP USM, there were some kiosks selling cute blouses and jubah. Every single day I walked pass through them asking myself ,

“Nak stethoscope ke , nak baju?” Of course I choose stethoscope.

During lunch , I would like to get juices but you know how expensive they are . I need to save money to buy myself a new white coat.

I went home to get some rest. I started to scroll my instagram and came across some IG shop.

“Nak lipstick ke , nak buku?” Again, I would choose books. You guys who read this would probably react ” pffthh , typical perempuan”. ahahaha

Even from my first year, I had to let go all those stuff people my age are having. And that was just a small sacrifice to begin with. I have more coming in the future.

But despite having to let go all those stuff, despite knowing the fact I might not have time to look all fancy and pretty for years, despite acknowledging that I’ll look ugly in my golden young days.

Despite knowing I have to leave my family behind, despite knowing I’ll get drained and might lose myself, despite knowing I might be too busy to be there for my friend.

Despite knowing I might not being paid and I might have to work voluntarily.

I still choose medicine. I still choose knowledge over my useless greed. That’s one thing to treasure. Leaving behind my selfish part and started to train myself to prioritize what matters.

By the way, want to know how our induction week went?

Basically , we had back to back of lectures and talks about ethic and some introduction to areas around PPSP.  You know, the basic stuff.

Like labs , tutorial class and library.  We used to have a class around 25 people during tutorial , but now we have around 8 person per group. This 8 people will have to deal with each other for the next 2 years and we call this session as PBL aka Problem Based learning.

If you read my previous post, in uitm we call it SGS , now in usm we call it PBL but it’s the same thing.

I learned lots of things through out induction week and one thing for sure, our PBL tutor for induction week is absolutely awesome. Named as Dr Arif , he taught us how to make presentation fun and how to understand process , not just blindly memorize them. We had a brief session with him but it does leave me with a great impact.


Me, Ameera , Raidah, Evelyn, Puvan, Thenan and Ameerul. Amirah nordin mana? jadi cik photographer hehe.

One of the most interesting moment, is when Azrul and Suhayl suggested me and Mirah as hmmm. Don’t ask. Hahaha We had to randomly give speech I had no idea what was I babbling about in front of everyone.

I feel like winning tho- humiliation of the year award. hahahaha

Before ending our week, we all had a group task and we need to make a presentation. It was hilarious and fun. All of it. From the very beginning of planning to making it real. We had sketch, choral speaking, videos, normal presentation and kahoot !

Allah, that sure was satisfying. The doctors were impressed they even asked us to hand in our videos from the presentation.

Alhamdulillah for such a wonderful week.

Spend my week with Amirah and Sabrina – trying to conquer 2.4 km of jogging tracks under 13 minutes. So far we failed but we are making progress. Looking forward for fit Malaysia. Coming soon.

by the way, Anisha’s grandmother passed away yesterday – please recite al fatihah for her. May her soul rest in peace. Inalillahiwainnailahirajiun.

That’s all from me.

Thank you. Assalamualaikum.

Stop and stare

Hello readers.

Have you ever wonder? Who would leave first, me or you? Me or my parents?

There are so much love around me I didn’t even realize , and I hope I didn’t take them for granted.

Dad and I didn’t talk much. But deep inside I know we love each other- because of those little things he does. Let just say I said I wanted cendol as he picked me up from school, he would stop by any cendol store. He even told me to stay in the car and he went to buy the cendol. Let just say I wanted french fries, the next day, he would stop by any store and bought me one.

He is a caring and a loving dad.

Meanwhile, Mom doesn’t feel like it was necessary to spoil us. When I was little, if I said I wanted a teddy bear and I cried for it, she would pretend like I’m not here daughter. She would just leave me there. AHAHA After a few days and I have forgotten about it, she would come home and surprise me with the teddy bear. She taught us not to expect parents as someone that listen to our demands, we should always know our place as children and respect them as parents. It works, thank you.

One more thing I noticed, Mom always repeat the same story from workplace. It could be 2-3 times a day, and this continues everyday. But every single time, Dad always listen. He would listen patiently and agree or disagree.


Any past achievement I had, I didn’t really know what to ask from my parents. My brothers are that kind of person who are motivated by rewards, so my parents would set up any rewards for them if they achieved their goals.

Me? I didn’t think it was fair for me to even ask anything because achieving the goals was already rewarding. What more could I ask? But they gave anyway. Anything they thought I would actually like. And yeah, I do like it.

I didn’t really like to share my experiences or problems with my parents. I knew they will be there to help me, but I also know they don’t live forever. Ever since this idea existed, it would be much more better to handle things on my own.

Anyway, thank you love. Thank you mom and dad.


Educate-like a boss. HAHA

Hello lettori,

Mom and grandma had a thing for kitchen utensils. Name it, Tupperware and Corelle . Stuff like that. They had a collection of those kept neatly in the cabinet.

I wonder when I’m at their age, would I have such addiction?

It have to be around that age, because pheww. Expensive man! Really expensive.

However, what could be more expensive than their beloved plates and cups? Their children.

When I was little, mom would told me to help her with house chores. But all I wanted to do was play. So, I would be kinda grumpy and do the job anyway, not sincerely. There is this one time, she had dinner that night. She was preparing herself for that event and I was in the kitchen washing dishes.

Suddenly, PRANGGGGGG!!!!

I dropped all her beloved Corelle plates.Not really all, 5 plates maybe. “I’m so dead. Gosh, all of these is the same amount of my 4 months allowances. No way I’ll be able to compensate”.

She came to the kitchen. She didn’t say anything. She smiled and walked away. She leave me speechless and stoned to the floor. When your mom is quiet, that is much scarier than when she nag.”I had no idea what just happened”.

Nobody said anything for years.

Around 6 years later, when she picked me up from my hostel. I finally had the courage to ask her.

“Mak, kenapa tak pernah marah Ija masa Ija pecahkan semua pinggan kesayangan mak tu?”

“Kerana harga sebuah pengalaman untuk anak mak lebih mahal daripada mana-mana pinggan mangkuk yang mak boleh beli”.

Such thought stabbed me deep inside.I’ll keep that in mind forever. Now, my worries would be to pursue degree : Where and what? I did ask her one time, how can we afford if there’s no scholarship and it was an overseas program?

“Belajar tu tanggungjawab ija, biar mak ayah yang fikir pasal duit. Kita akan ikhtiar macam mana pun janji anak dapat belajar”

It’s not the money I’m worried about. It’s the pain,struggle and effort they made, just to provide all of us the education we need. They taught us education is not just from school, but education is a lifelong process.You will always learn,learn and learn.

Never take your parents for granted. When its prayer time, pray together. Kiss their hands and always hug them as if it is your last.

Learn to do things for them without they even ask. Learn to call them every single day, and treat them well. Also, treat everyone nicely.Even if they are your enemy, or they hurt you. Because your attitude reflects how your parents educate you.

Show everyone the best manners.

Thank you.



In mission for vision

Hello lecteurs.

Before I start, answer yourself? What is your vision?

It have always been a must for me to wonder what are other people vision. You can put me in the middle of McDonalds and I can sit there for hours profiling everyone.

Maybe instead of applying for medics, I should just join a private investigator and become his apprentice. Searching all over crime scenes, interviewing suspects, read through the criminal mind and chemically prove every evident. That doesn’t sound so bad at all.

I’ll be Dr Watson to my own Sherlock Holmes. Wait, Sherlock Holmes partner is a physician. Alright, forget what I just said. I’ll take medic please. No more apprentice, take me as a partner instead.

Back to my former point, vision.

My dear friend from former school, he have this vision to become a successful lawyer. A lawyer who will sacrifice all his time and energy to put a balance to the justice of scale. And I’ll do what I’ve always do. I told him all the negative aspects of being a lawyer.

I’m such a terrible friend, am I?

I told him the risk of defending a guilty person.I told him the mistakes he could have done. I have try my best in making him feel bad about his vision.

But he didn’t sway at all. He acknowledged it and he took it as challenges he would face, he would always stick to his vision. That’s how I know how strong his vision is. And you my friend, you have earn my respect. *bow 30 degree

Some person I met recently, have a very simple vision.

He is tired of what so ever surrounding him, he found them not satisfying. What he wanted in his life right now something that could please him, a new environment that could provide him a new spirit. He would like to experience something different.

In short, he told me he wanted to go oversea.

As simple as it seem, a vision is still a vision. A kind of vision that I’m looking forward as well. I wouldn’t say everyone is looking forward to it, because some people with conservative thinking, they are much comfortable with what they already had. Their vision would be different than those who are slightly liberal.

Vision can be limited or lifelong. Depends on what you’re looking for in life.

My vision? Well, do your own profiling on me.


Nope, I didn’t see my name anywhere.

Thank you, Assalamualaikum.

So much for being 18

Aloha readers !

What does being 18 means to you guys?

For me, I guess yeah we just officially address ourselves as adults.However, it was also a year of struggling within our inner self. To figure out what do we want to do in our lives, and to wander around and think whether our decision was worth it or not.

We all have been there. Lying on our bed , staring at the ceiling and our thoughts just running around trying to make sense of the reality. The reality of what our future would be.

What job would we have, would we afford to buy house, would we be happy?

One after another, some of us are even caught in a puppy love. Perhaps true love. You never know.

I’m a normal human being as well, I had a crush, I fell in love, I’m just like everyone else with my age.

The difference is how do we deal with it?

A group of people rather be straightforward about themselves and chase for whoever they want. Some are being shy but they always give a slight hint. Others rather not think about it, decided to ignore it and move on.

I’m in the group of “I’ll just pretend all this never happen”.

You may call it ego, but I couldn’t find any strength to fight for things I’m unsure of.

Sometimes I thought, yeah he’s worth it. Why not?

But, I end up disappointing myself anyway. Maybe because I look too highly on someone. I read books about certain public figures, I found them very mesmerizing and inspiring. I make them my mentor hoping to become like one.

I’m looking highly on everyone.

When I meet other people, I kept in my mind “these people in front of me are great people”.

But then, you observe how they treat other people. They called their friends with bad names and words, not knowing that every little words coming out of their mouth is a prayer.

You watch how they handle their problems. You thought they would be very patient, but the only thing you see is whining and complaining.

I see these kind of people around me. They are nice people but honestly every time they act like that it breaks my heart a little. Even though it got nothing to do with me.I’m such a busybody , am I?

It hurts me, because deep down I knew this is not what Rasulullah SAW had taught us. This is not what Islam has taught us.

Islam taught us to call people with good names. Rasulullah SAW is a person who respect everyone equally regardless of that person religion. Even if that person was a jewish, he never make fun of people and he treat everyone very well. He was always being fair.

So, why would you call your friend with bad names my dear friend? Plus, we are all muslims.

And every time you complain, I wonder if it crossed your mine that Allah only test the servant that Allah love. You should be saying Alhamdulillah, praise be to Allah.

But, if I watch carefully. Some of them shows sign of remorse. They knew their wrongdoings , and regret every of it. Some are even much better.  But deep inside, it was also unfair for me to judge people easily.

I knew how bad it felt when people misjudge you. I’ve been there.

Some people might behave recklessly , but who knows? One day they change, and they are much of a better person. I’ll keep that in mind.

An “ulama” did give an advice, why he was always humble among every one despite him being a very religious person. Because when he look at other people, he told himself that he was looking at the face of the people who enters the heaven. And he thought that he might be or might not be one of those people.

Always respect people. Be optimistic. Be humble.

Mahalo. Assalamualaikum.