Bucket List

There are so many of them, I’ll put them here once I remember. Some remain dreams, some are set to achieve- however, set it high enough because you never know. Life is a surprise.

  1. Go for a roller coaster ride with a friend
  2. Sky diving
  3. Join expedition to the peak of mount Kinabalu
  4. Eat lobster
  5. Umrah with family/friends
  6. Meet someone who read the same books as I do
  7. Experience live orchestra
  8. Watch my friends perform on big stage
  9. Buy the latest play station and oculus rift
  10. Buy my dream car
  11. Bungee Jumping in New Zealand
  12. Visit Makam Rasulullah and Khalifah
  13. Relaxing on Machu Picchu
  14. Canoe!
  15. If possible, enjoy campfire with a bunch of friends.
  16. Jungle trekking everywhere
  17. Write my own book
  18. Have a bucket of fried chicken for birthday
  19. Visit Masjid Al Aqsa
  20. Plays capture the flag
  21. Paintball with my homies
  22. Go hiking on everest
  23. Paramotoring in Dubai
  24. Share a bucket of ice cream with friends
  25. Snorkeling
  26. Buy a box full of different types of chocolate, eat , share it.
  27. Visit Universal studios or Disneyland.
  28. Ride on a horse
  29. Go on a rescue mission
  30. Terror dactyl Colorado Spring cave
  31. Hot air balloon
  32. Across country using land vehicles
  33. Bike riding all day
  34. Witness the beauty of grand canyon
  35. Watch the sun rise by the beach
  36. Sitting in a coffee shop and draws
  37. Decorate the whole house
  38. Master the art of defence
  39. Get a life partner