PreMedic UITM : Hypertension

Chapter 2 Hola amigos, Hectic week I had, but incredibly fun.There are so many things I would like to share, but I am not going to write a freaking novel here so, here goes some highlights of the week. Hypertension is a term we learned this week, and I suppose, I could say it was … Continue reading PreMedic UITM : Hypertension


PreMedic UITM : Residents

Aloha people, Today was my first day for pra-medic. Well, not exactly first day because we are going to start the orientation on Monday and we just here to register for place in college. Speaking about place, this college is huge. Like freaking BIG! Remember how Puncak Alam used to be our favorite room, with … Continue reading PreMedic UITM : Residents