The I’s

Aloha amigos ,

On 20 October, we had “hari keusahawanan” aka entrepreneurship day . It was a compulsory project for all first year student. We are divided into 5 person per group and I was placed in group 18 along with Wana, Adhwa, Iman and Izwan.  We already plan about our project weeks ago and finally executed our business plan last thursday.


A picture to end our tiring day.

The night before, we all went to 3 places to pick up our selling products.We went to Pasir Tumbuh to pick up some car fragrances. Time is precious for us because we still have lots of things unfinished and so many last minute preparation to do, but the owner of the car fragrances invited us into his house and served us some tea and biscuits.

Despite all of us were being anxious and couldn’t wait to get to our next destination, we were also grateful for his kindness and warm welcome. So nice of him. Alhamdulillah , may Allah SWT bless him and his family.

Next, we went shopping for decoration stuffs and some plastic bags as well. Then, we speed up to pick up clothes at Tumpat and straight after that we went to wana’s hometown. We went there to pick up some stands to hang clothes and we also received more stock of clothes to be sold. yeay.

After a long night, we arrived at USM around 12.30 and we had late dinner at nearby stall. As usual, Izwan treat all of us for dinner. yep, another nice person. Izwan was so generous we all started to feel guilty but we couldn’t say no to free food. So, thanks a lot Izwan.

Afterwards, we went to Red Square to set up our booth and then straight home. But nope, not gonna get any sleep yet. We had to distribute the clothes to do some ironing. Also, I had to prepare something to make our booth at least , a little cheerful. Bring some warmth welcome feels to it.

Sleep at 3 and wake up at 5 something. We all barely had sleep but all we wanted was to give our best on our project. We run our booth for a day until 5pm and that night wana sent back all the leftover stocks. This way, we didn’t have any loss at all.

Alhamdulillah it was quite a unique experience. To deal something from scratch and you know what, our booth collect a net profit around Rm300. All of this thanks to my team mates. I honestly , feel very grateful to have such amazing team. Seriously, good job guys !

Iman our precise and detailed treasurer. Wana-the ones looking for transportation and stock of clothes. Izwan our driver all the way and our sponsorship as well. Adhwa , the one who iron most clothes in our booth and yeah- MOST OF THEM. That is a lot. Adhwa also the reason we don’t have to carry piles of clothes via walking, she borrowed a senior’s car for us.


The I’s is the name of our business.

I don’t even remember what is my role in my team, perhaps a supporter and promoter. Thats’ all. But I’m happy everything went well. Alhamdulillah.

Despite a hectic and busy day, I also managed to walk around and visit other booth. So here are some of the owners.

I could summarize here that even though all of us are in a mission to become a doctor, still- it was nice to try out different things in life. It was indeed a wonderful experience to have a day and do something completely not routine. WUS 101 is a great escape for all of us.

Before I end my post, I would like to congratulate my team again. Thanks a lot and work well done !

That’s all for this post.



PreMedic UITM : Visit

Aloha amigos,

Actually, this week is our fourth week , also our final week. We are going to have an examination on Thursday and I have mix feelings right now. Happy because I’m here, nervous because of the test, eager because I’m going home and sad because I’m leaving these wonderful people I met here.

And of course, no more my favorite eye candy after this. Heee , maybe on September.

Alright, back to topic.

For my previous Saturday, my housemates and I went to join a program called Tree of Ramadhan. The seniors here gather funds to buy household groceries such as rice, cooking oil, sugar and more stuff. They choose a kampung nearby the campus and give out the groceries to all houses.

If I am not mistaken, they prepared stuff for 68 houses. It was a new experience for me as I never join this kind of activity before.

I tagged along with few of my friends and seniors to selected houses. We visited the residents and had a good chat about Ramadhan and their preparation for raya.

These seniors genuinely wanted to give out to everyone regardless of their status, rich or poor. But, of course some of the residents did declined our gift and demanded us to reach the poor first.

Even after they have been told that the gift were given to all residents, still they are some who seem to be uninterested towards our offer.

After a good evening of the visiting session, all those involved went to the nearby mosque and had our asar prayer. Then, we had  a reflection and sharing session.

Afterwards , all of us went to campus Selayang! We had our iftar at a senior house. These seniors prepared our iftar meals, some moreh and each of us also received goodies !

It was splendid and fun, we had lots of things we share together and they are very eager to see us in September. In shaa Allah.


senior’s house

Then on Sunday, kak Wildad and Kak Dayah took us to visit Hospital Besar Sungai Buloh. Yeayyy. I really don’t have much to tell about this, if you’re curious you can come and ask me directly.

Basically, we went for ward rounds and visit patients. We learn from the seniors how to communicate with patients and how we should pay attention to their stories. We are told to treat patients as a whole, not just the diseases.

VisitHospital (6)

Thank you kak wildad and kak dayah

So that is all about visit. Not much to tell, but the adventure and feelings are priceless. Thank you Allah for this opportunity. I am getting more confident day by day and I’m praying that Allah ease my way. In shaa Allah.

Thank you.


PreMedic UITM : Exercise

Chapter 3

Hola amigos,

I’m back with volleyball this week and yeah I feel wonderful!

Probably because of the endorphin.

I made new friends as well, ones who enjoy this game as much as me. The second day I went to the court, I was actually given the chance to play with seniors which creeps me out but at the same moment leave me in awe. I’m scared, mad , excited, nervous, eager- all at once.

I played a horrible role but again it was such an amazing experience.

And again, I got bruises everywhere and even tore my pants around knee area. Don’t ask me how it happened, I’m still embarrassed.

Also, one thing I learnt with Mira was: no taxi from KTM at night. Mira and I went to Big bad wolf last week and also we went to watch X-men apocalypse. We thought of going home in the evening but we missed two trains, failed to go to the transit station and yeah lots of things happen.

As we arrived at KTM sungai Buloh it was already 10.30. There was no taxi, even if there is , there were too many people at that night. I met my lecture mate – Hariz and I thought we could have share a taxi but as I mention before, there was no taxi. Mira end up calling a 3rd year senior, and she came to pick us up. Alhamdulillah.

movie+BBW+sesat (2)

Large Popcorn YEAY

We managed to arrive safely. A lesson learnt!

On the other night, we also went to watch Huntsmen : The winter war which is very well, a disappointment. I kinda like the first one better even though both actually are quite not to expectation. But, I had a great night anyway. Spend it well with my housemates! Thanks guys. And yeah our friendly neighbor, Iman.

Movie night (1)

Amira, Juleyh, me, Dhalia. (The building back there is residential college 2, home for the boys)

We got to visit the museum, Communication skills Lab and Clinical Skills Lab. Clinical skills Lab is a lab that set up a hospital environment and you got to practice basic skills on a mannequin before going to the hospital and do it on a real patient. The purpose of the lab is to build confidence among medical students to face their clinical years. Basically the lab is used among 3rd year students , but anyone who are curious are welcome to come and learn.

LawatMuseum (3)

My groupmate , housemate : Nurina

This week our case scenario is all about exercise. All subjects we learn here which are anatomy, physiology and biochemistry were all related to exercise. Even though the content was really superficial , far from what medic would actually look like, having new knowledge doesn’t hurt isn’t it? As far as I know, it was fun !

The lecturer here, I mean the doctors. All of them keep on reminding us on the same thing.

“Among all aspect you need to become a doctor, the most important thing is attitude”.

So, if you think you have what it takes to become a doctor, do you think your attitude now will make you survive?

Thank you


PreMedic UITM : Residents

Aloha people,

Today was my first day for pra-medic. Well, not exactly first day because we are going to start the orientation on Monday and we just here to register for place in college. Speaking about place, this college is huge. Like freaking BIG!

Remember how Puncak Alam used to be our favorite room, with internet cable and some spaces in room. This one here is much better. The room here is three times larger than our rooms back in Dengkil.

We gonna spend a  month here in Residential college 3, which is actually college for dentistry students. I’ll visit residential college one ( for medical students) and share another post later.

WhatsApp-Image-20160521 (1)

The room next to us, aka housemates!

WhatsApp-Image-20160521 (2)

With a house of 10 girls, having two mirrors is a bad idea.


WhatsApp-Image-20160521 (3)

Okay girls, this is spacious!

WhatsApp-Image-20160521 (4)

Look! What a cute pantry.

WhatsApp-Image-20160521 (5)

Everything is so nice and brand new.

WhatsApp-Image-20160521 (6)

I’m not sure whether we should have study group or dinner together. On a second thought. yes both.

WhatsApp-Image-20160521 (7)

Check out our room. Yeah we just got here, no time to unpack yet.

Well, who’s the architect? I’m giving them a standing ovation. All of these is beyond comfortable, makes me feel like,

“Oh yeah, I can study here peacefully”.

However, there’s no mirror in each closet. That’s a bummer.

I haven’t figure out what I’m going to do tomorrow because I’m don’t see any facilitator here to welcome us. Seems like we have no program so far.We just came in and hand over our college form, get keys and done.

Thank god there is internet. Perhaps I spend tomorrow watching PewDiePie plays uncharted 4. Alright, report done.

Thank you.



Interview in USM- meet Mr Banner

Hello buddies.

Well, if we are close, you would probably aware that I went to interview for medical course in USM few days ago.If we are not close, oh you just read. You already know by now that I went for interview. To be exact, the interview was held on 13 May.


Registration. Look at me, I’m like a living orange.

How the interview goes?

Well, not as planned.

I didn’t know it is going to be multiple mini interview (MMI). Generally, you would sit in a group of 9 candidates, and there would be 9 station. So, you would go all station in a rotation. Very simple.

You would encounter 5 active station- which you would have your interview session. And 4 inactive station, which you would do nothing and breath.

Every active station will require 7 minutes, 2 minutes to read the questions provided and 5 minutes to present your idea.

That was quite an advantage as you can prepare beforehand , it will be less nervous the moment you enter the room. Why? If you’re reading the question in front of your interviewer, you will then experience the awkward silence in between what the interviewer ask and what you are going to say.

Because you , and me, and just like everyone else, we all need a second to think about it and at least to digest what was the question again. Sometimes, we panicked and just blurt out anything hoping it would form some sort of acceptable answer.

That’s why 2 minutes outside of the room to read is actually a pretty good benefit for us.

The 5 minutes session is okay I guess, you really couldn’t say much in that period of time but if you didn’t really have anything to say at that particular time , that would  add another score. BING!

What I didn’t like about this kind of interview is I really didn’t get the opportunity to really express myself. I prepared a lot of things in advanced hoping that they would see through me and feel my passion in what I want to pursue.

However, a file of certificates that I brought along was just another accessory to the table. Some of them did flip through the file but they didn’t even bother asking.

Either they were really not interested or I don’t know.I really don’t know. Maybe because they were doctors and professors, they are very good in controlling their expressions.

I mean, I usually can read people face but this time I was very confused. I believe they saw the confusion on my face. The questions were also very familiar during interview.

  1. Brief the interviewer about the integrated curriculum in USM. (compulsory in English)
  2. Tell them about your strength,your talents or your challenges in life and how you deal with it.(Compulsory in Malay)

The other three was situation dealing with action, conscience and emotion. For example, your friend Ali wanted to pursue in computer animation but his parents wanted him to pursue medic. What would you told his parents?

In this situation session, we are free to use either English or Bahasa Melayu. But we can only use one of them.

I guess I did well, but ‘well’ is just subjective.I believe every candidates answer almost the same thing so it depends on the interviewer . If they like me, I’m in. If not, I’m out. So, fingers crossed whether they liked me or not.

I wish I knew ahead of time about the structure and the system of the interview. When I asked some of my acquaintances, they be like “you didn’t know this?” . Or, “Why don’t you ask your seniors?”

Oh my dear acquaintances, you didn’t how my life have been. I really didn’t have any seniors in this area. I’m on my own. I have always been on my own.

But, it’s okay. Never too late to learn right?

Anyways, it was such an amazing experiences and I really enjoy it. Looking forward for more. Pray that I get a place in medic, okay?

In shaa Allah, I’ll become a doctor that can serve well to my society regardless of their religion, races, nationality and status.


Hey Mr Banner.


Thank you.


Mistakes in baking

Hello, I’m back.

Alright so today I’m going to share some tips on baking.

  1. Always put space between your cookie dough. As you put some baking soda, it will cause your cookies to expand a little bit. Even when you don’t put baking soda, it will still expand but not as much as when you put it.So, you don’t want to have the cookies sticking to each other.
  2. You can substitute brown sugar with white sugar. But keep in mind that brown sugar contain more moisture than white sugar so if you didn’t like it to be dry if you use fully white granulated sugar in a recipe that require both, consider to add more wet ingredient.
  3. If you’re adding eggs to your milk, then make sure the milk is lukewarm. Let it cool down if you heat it.If it is too hot, it will cook your eggs as you add to the milk. You don’t want to have scramble eggs in you milk do you? Yikes!
  4. It’s always okay to pay more. I learned that same types of flour with different labels give out different taste. Well, the costly ones makes better cookies. I didn’t want to believe this at first but it is true. I bought all purpose flour from different labels and the costly ones was good. You should experiment and try out yourself.
  5. For cookies, I always use recipes from Kawaaiisweetworld . I like the host actually, I find Rachel comforting and pleasing. And the recipes are good too, yummy! And for cakes , I prefer CupcakeJemma. Love her as well! She makes eveything looks very easy.
  6. I used to love brownies , I still do but nowadays I had enough of it. I’m in the mood for cookies. However, I believe that most people like a very rich brownie. So, go for  a recipe that require both melted chocolate and cocoa powder. That kind of recipe is the best!
  7. Put your cookie dough on a baking sheet or I believe would be easier if you could just get a silicone mat. That one save cost even though it add to the dishes you’re going to wash later.

I have more tips I guess, but I can’t remember it. I mean, at the end of the day I didn’t take any culinary or baking class. I’m just experimenting, I’m a science students after all.



my homemade Oreos! Scrumptious!

That’s all for today. Thank you.


From desert to meadow

Hola lectores.

Today I went to my former school, to pick up some stuff. So, the office was closed until 2, and we arrived around 1.30. So, I visited the teachers lounge.

Oh my goodness, I stepped into the door and I saw all of my teachers , I immediately teared up. I’m a crybaby. HAHA, okay this is embarrassing .Especially when I hugged teacher Aza. Because she’s a scorpion. Before and always.

I mean, I still remember the first time I went there- I thought “Why not, this might be good”.

But, HELL NO- it was the worst year of my life. I almost quit, but back then I was too fragile, I wanted to left but I guess why not stay. PAY BACK TIME!

Okay, joking. I was too weak I can’t even make them listen. I was too invisible and small.Even their sharp glance made me weak to the knees- my whole body trembled. Away from parents make it worse.

However, the presence of good friends helped me survived. I’m a survivor. Yeay! And no I did not avenged for myself, instead I leave it to Allah.

I love that school anyway. It taught me the definition of life. Now, every time I went there I couldn’t stop smiling. The best part of everything is B5 and 5Rho.

5Rho was my former class, and will always stay in my heart. One of the silliest thing we done is- Every Thursday we will pick a character from any franchise! Just for fun.

I couldn’t recall all of it, but there was Naruto week. I was Sasuke- Oh yeah!

And we did play games during exam- yep during exams. Games like-which line have students that did not sleep at all? And trust me, we all loved sleep.


My line completely fail.We all fell asleep.


Yep-Pretty much sums up our attitude.


Trust me- There’s more

Lately when things get hard, I just close my eyes and put myself back on my seat in the class. I imagine the sounds I always hear, the fragrance of people drinking instant coffee and the sandwiches we share with the whole class. I miss you guys. I do.

I also miss all the visitors we get, because our class is like a stopover. A lovable one. Give me a call rhonians when you read this. I’ll be very happy to hear from you.

thank you.