The Overthinking of Teh Ais

Aloha amigos, Its 1.21 AM so lets partyyyyyyyy ! ok no, just kidding. Better go to sleep early for sahur and tahajud in the morning. I just got home an hour ago, we went to Bazar Ramadhan Taiping- I know it sounds lame. Pffthh went to bazar once and you have to write a post? … Continue reading The Overthinking of Teh Ais


Backpacking my dream

Aloha amigos, I'm back! miss me? Eleh, bukan ada orang baca pun kan. AHAHAHA Its okay, at least I read and that is enough. So right now it is 2.34 in the morning and yes I just finished my conversation with fakin, by now they all went to sleep. I opened twitter and basically just … Continue reading Backpacking my dream