The Winning Year 🏆

Bonjour les amis,

Another great day to share something with you guys. Recently I went on some trips because I am literally fed up of medical school and need a nice tan skin. Just kidding- I enjoy my time here despite having to read so many books and notes but hey no I am not that extreme kind of nerds.

Alright back to topic, in continuation for my passion towards playing volleyball – I decided to join sukad and mivg. Again. Yes people. This post is going to be about Sukad and MIVG second edition – 2017. I did join before this and wrote some post about it which you guys can read here :

Sukad Murni  and MIVG 2016   

But this year was much better.

As for sukad, I went there on 23 November and just like previous year – Volleyball female competition is held at USM Kampus Kejuruteraan. We departed on thursday night and arrived that friday morning exhausted and nervous but thank you so much because our manager got us a very convenient place to stay. We were accommodate into a guest house with 3 bedrooms , 3 showers + toilets, air conditioning, water heater, refrigerator and a tv. It was really comfortable to the point I had nothing to complaint.


After checking in, we went for a test court session until lunch and have the rest of the day to ourselves. Some members went home, met their friends and the rest of us went to watch movie. There are no cinema in Kelantan therefore it was a huge blessing to finally see one, plus Justice League was currently on screen ! For your information, I lived for Batman okay. The most attractive superhero in the DC universe itself and I am not talking about the actor – I am referring to the character.

The next day, everyone was so nervous because we were up against Nurani for our very first game. Desa Nurani was also part of our campus and we had lots of friendly matches before. Because we knew so well the strength and weakness of each other, it makes the game more nerve-wrecking because every move will be predictable. The only thing we could ask for is a good game spirit and luck. Moreover, team volleyball Nurani had claim the gold medal for years. How could we beat them?


Plot twist. We beat them.

Everyone on our team was screaming and cheering because we always lose to them in the grouping session and winning against them was a miracle. Afterwards, we won another match and automatically we went to semi final as champion of the group.

Semi final was held the next day therefore we went home early to rest. I followed a trip of bus that sent us to have dinner that night and after having my meals it turns out that the bus is coming to pick us up at 1 am due to lots of people were watching late night movies. Hence, my members and I took the grab just to be home early. We needed the rest. Volleyball was the only game held for two days, that being the case- other people are enjoying their victories and free time meanwhile our adrenaline were constantly stimulated – another word to describe that we were currently on edge.

The next day arrived and we couldn’t be any more nervous. It was the game that decide whether we made it into finals or not. There was no third place so its either “go big or go home!” . Not sure if I use the right punch line. But who cares. meh

It was a fierce fight and our score was neck and neck. It could be them, it could be us but today is fortunately our day !

Okay not today, but that particular day.

We made it into finals and despite losing in our very last game we were satisfied and proud of our achievement. Team Murni had never make it this far and we will forever remember these silver medals we owned.

My thoughts on the whole process was really complicated.. I cried a few times because of my bad performances during training but my team mates really support me all the way. I have improved a lot and I am glad I did. Despite winning this game, I had that wistful feeling as we took our bus home. Most of the players are seniors and they won’t be here again for the next sukad. I learn tremendous skills from them and I really want to play together again but I guess every good thing has an ending.

This is going to be cringe and I don’t normally do this kind of stuff but I do get that attached feeling. Love? Euw hahahah I dont know.

Anyways, Thank you team mates for one of the best experience of my life.

Next stories up, MIVG 2017 ! Intervarsity games that was held on 9th and 10th December 2017.


A game everyone in our medical school was looking forward for months. Once the season begin, the courts and fields in our campus get very festive every single day! Basketball, Netball, Handball, Futsal, Badminton, Tennis etc you named it. Everyone is training hard to win the Medical Intervarsity Games 2017. Even chess. In the evening there will be students sitting in the lounge area staring at the little pieces on their chess board. Things get serious there. I would try to walk in silent and be like “won’t bother you guys , okay okay focus” as I passed next to them on my way to volleyball training .

We were also more excited than always as this year it was hosted by UITM and we expect many improvement were made in the management side. Last year was managed by UKM and honestly it was terrible. So many rules were being disobey, players welfare are neglected, proper schedule were not followed. In summary, it was awful. I’m sure it doesn’t occur to all of the players but some of us were really having a hard time.

It turns out this year, teams that cheat during last year games are banned from joining and I would say- that was a pretty smart move.


However this year, the disappointing moment about MIVG came from our own contingent. We were accommodate at UITM Puncak Alam but our games were held at UITM Shah Alam. We had to travel around 40 minutes to arrive there if the traffic was good. Due to this distance of travel, we had a difficult time to go back and forth from our hostel to game area and there was miscommunication between the doctor escorting our contingent, the bus drivers and the managers.

That wasn’t the only case, we also had to depart on Friday morning which we arrived at UITM just before maghrib. There was a conflict about getting the buses as we need to carry almost 150 athletes- consequently we need four buses. But the bus drivers are tired as they have been constantly travelling for other programs before us therefore they have requested to rest during the night.

It wasn’t really the worst case scenario but players get really exhausted because day-journey will surely took longer time due to traffic and stops. We had to take many breaks in between journey for lunch and prayer. If the travelling took place at night, there would be less stop and the traffic was better. Night travelling save hours of times.


The managers and Captain had done their very best – that being the case we were grateful that our school are still considerate to send our contingent to the games.

There was also some drama happening and I am pretty sure it wasn’t really a good thing to tell here. But lots of misunderstanding that happen finally led to us not being able to attend the closing ceremony. It was really devastating. We won as the first runner up for the entire category which means we brought home 17 medals. Plus, volleyball team also won bronze medal this year.

Unfortunately we didn’t make it to the ceremony on time.

The good side of everything is we won the best contingent and our captain was recognized as The Best chef de mission ! He was a great leader and the managers also did a wonderful job. Despite all the shortcomings, this year wasn’t so bad.

One of random things that happen to us was our visit to KLCC. No one planned it and out of the blue, we were already there. Some people were complaining that students should not be brought to such places as we need to be well concern about personal financial issues too. I agree with that but I was also glad we went there because I found a perfect place to eat my favorite aglio olio pasta in a cheaper price. It was RM10 per plate. For me that is consider cheap because it was really hard to find good pasta with an affordable price. The restaurant that Azrul always took me if I was craving for pasta usually cost about Rm26 and did you see how much money we can actually save?


Favorite from cafe Milano

Another good news was that I had the opportunity to meet my former classmates and we had some great time catching up. Went to eat nasi ayam together and tell each other things that happen when we weren’t there for each other. Lots of things does change in a year. I am grateful they took some of their time to visit me.


So guys, I conclude that these two programs are the ones that consume so much energy and time from me this semester. But I am glad I did it till the very end. I do have some quitting thoughts in the middle of the process but we should never give up. No matter what the outcome is, if you start something- FINISH IT !

Till we meet again.

Thank you.



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