Foundation Days Part 2

Bonjour Les Amis,

Moving on to second semester shall we?

Z-23March (1)

The first time I arrived in UITM Dengkil, I was quite sad to be honest. The house getting smaller and they only allocated 6 people per house. Before this in Palam it was 8 people in a house. Two among us are going to move to a different unit. It was really sad since I was close with Najah and we were no longer housemates. Luckily, Sarah and Najah move out but still manage as our neighbor and live just right next to us.

PaperBiology (34)

Focus on the floor please 

The house had no tiles flooring, only cements. Ipah bought vinyl mat and we help her install the vinyl to our flooring. At least our feet won’t be dirty with cement dusts all the time. We had one bathroom and one toilet – which was sufficient and modern enough for us. During our time, we sometimes experience temporary unavailability of water supply. It was random too, we had notice beforehand but it was confusing. For example, we were told they are not going to be any water on Monday, so we saved our water from Sunday and there was no water cut. We used up all the water because we needed the water bucket to do laundry. Suddenly on Friday, bammm. yep, there was a water cut. I got lucky because I always shower early in the morning, so if you have class and haven’t shower, seems likely you have to walk to another block and shower at your friend’s houses. Much work to do there.

Our houses was Dahlia 1, fourth floor. We had a great view that looks like a lake but it used to be mining site that were not use anymore. In the morning and evening, we could see beautiful sunrise and sunset . Amazing. Just put #uitmdengkil on twitter on instagram  and you would see them. Yes I know Dengkil is not the only place with skies but it seems like Dengkil students are obsessed with skies compared to other uni’s students. I have some pictures here that I stole from Zafeq’s tweet ahahahaha. Credit to him okay.

I believe as a women, I prefer Dengkil because we were isolated from the gentlemen blocks. We had our own sports facilities inside like a tennis court and some badminton courts. We had our own netball court too. It was much more comfortable for me to go out and jog without having the insecurities of guys checking me out. Muslim girls, you know that feeling, don’t you? I’m a shy girl okay. pffftttt yeah right

My housemates and I would go out as early as 6.50 or 7 and jog for 20 minutes around the block , probably less than that if there’s dogs scattering around. At first I was so shook the dogs would chase after me, but after a while I guess we got used to each other. Dogs would just look at us jogging and do nothing while sticking their tongue out. In the weekend, we would spent a much longer time , because afterwards we would go have breakfast at the Cafe. Favorite choice – roti canai and teh tarik. True Malaysians – yes.

Class schedule was just as similar as the one in the first semester , except for math class. After our first test, majority of us failed in maths (that includes me) and I was pretty much yep, stupid. I am that kind of person who would focus in class because there were too many subjects and very limited time for me to revise. I only managed to revise some and that some is definitely not math. I don’t do math – I’m more to sciences.  So, zero focus plus zero hard work equal to failure. Well, at least I know one equation. Because of that, a few students filed a report to exchange their math lecturer. Other classes with the same math lecturer joined the petition and yes the lecturer are not teaching math in lectures anymore. He worked fully as a tutor. For me, I see him as a math genius. You know how genius are, sometimes they understand things and it’s hard for them to make people see what they see. I feel bad because it feels like we didn’t appreciate him but we need to fully understand what we learn too, right?


At that moment, UITM had very limited math lecturers. Because of that, the other math teachers had to take more classes than they already have. Since our schedule are so packed, class extend till night. I still remember getting dress up after maghrib because I still have class while my housemates are relaxing in the house. But the fun part about night class is – after every class my classmates and I would go and have some ice cream to treat ourselves. And it become a habit.

One of the few interesting things that happen during my time, is the outfit drama. Yes, you hear me. If you were there, you can really differentiate students the way they dress. This doesn’t go for everyone because each person have their own preferences right? But most of us are like this. (girls only) For example, if you see students who wore baju kurung, tudung crepe, baju muslimah and t-shirt with long skirts – these are the sciences students. If you see students who are wearing pants, boyfriend shirts, shawls – these are engineering students. It’s rare to see engineering students wear baju kurung maybe because there aren’t many female students in their class. Law students wore bold clothes and make up. Usually on wednedsay, they would wear black and white – that’s how you differentiate them. Tesl students they are the mix of all types. They can be wearing anything.

Best part is, every friday everyone wore jubah and baju melayu. What a pleasant sight !


One day, a drama was triggered between science and law students.  Allegedly, law students talk about how ‘selekeh’ these science nerds look. I have no idea how this drama started but it spread through out the whole campus and twitter. Honestly, we doesn’t even know if they say it, but its like a war back then. Words by words bashing each other on twitter. Letters by letters in the elevator , being sarcastic to each other. I have no idea. Maybe because I didn’t have any twitter yet at that particular time. I only make a twitter account after I finished foundation.

UITM Dengkil was fun on its own. I’m not that popular kid around the block. People don’t know me and I don’t know people. But life was great that way. I had fun with my own cliques doing our own thing. Like going to pasar malam, bakery, cool blog, malls and events. Some big events I attend was the gala night and a marathon. That was all.


Every day I would drop by the bakery just to get my favorite cinnamon rolls. It was very good and if you are attending Dengkil and ate those , you know it ! Anjung Dengkil was such heaven, even if you are not buying anything – just hang out there feels great. The best part other than cinnamon rolls is the most famous NASI AYAM PENYET. Yess, my mouth become watery just thinking about it. Super spicy and extra hot but definitely addictive.

Besides Anjung Dengkil , we do go to IOI or Alamanda. Rent some cars or take any taxi. I really spend lots of time there with my fellow housemates. Watching movies and food hunting. It was such a good time.

I cried when I finished foundation. Those time there was really priceless. I have one more advice to share. Don’t give up too soon okay. I also had my time where as I failed paper, and my carry marks are very low. I have to achieve an extremely high marks on finals to compensate for that. But it’s very important to fight until the end, Allah will ease you all the way. In shaa Allah.

Thank you for reading.



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