Med interview 2017

Bonjour les amis,

Its been a few weeks since the last medical interview in USM, so I figured I should write a post to provide some exposure for the upcoming students. I had my interview in 2016 and I wrote about it here – medical interview 2016 .

This post will be about the medical interview 2017 , and I got this information thanks to fellow friends and seniors. Major credits goes to Daniel, he experienced the interview himself and emailed me this.


The day finally arrive after 2 weeks of anxiety and insomnia. It is the day that decide my future. I don’t know whether everyone who is going there is having the same feeling . But for me who was selected for interview only for my first UPU choices- USM doktor perubatan and turned down by
2nd – ums perubatan
3rd – unimas perubatan
4th – upm veterinary
This is the only chance for me to get in medicine.
Previously, I wouldn’t think of getting into medicine because I wasn’t from matriculation, instead I went for STPM. For me medicine is a course that requires cgpa 4.0 no matter where are you from. It (medicine) come to my mind sometimes but I dare not think about it, but I gave it a try to apply after getting my result (3.92)
Lets talk about the interview.

I was given the second day of interview (10 jun 2017). I went for morning session which is at 7:30 am but it already packed with candidates and parents during 7:15 am
We registered ourselves.
We are brought to the hospital as usual  just like the previous year. We went through a briefing about MMI (multiple mini interview) but the Dr in charge already know that we were aware about it.

There is a little bit different for this year.
10 station  + 1 extended station + 1 feedback session
10 station ( each station requires 7 min)
-1 rest station
-2 (senario) eng / malay
-3 (writing) malay only. A picture of pattern given and require you to write observation
-4 (senario) malay only
-5 rest station
-6 state medical pathway . Eng only *
-7 (writing) eng only. A picture of a car accident . Write observation.
-8 state your hobby / talent / ability . Malay only.*
-9 rest station
-10 (senario-critical thinking) eng/malay.

**Extended station**
We are brought to some rooms in group.
Group of 10 I think .Given a task to complete in 20 min. In malay
“Menghasilkan penyampaian isu kosmetik kepada orang awam”
Using every thing u can find in the room which basically is a whiteboard, 2 majong paper . Lots of marker pen .
We wrote about ” penggunaan kosmetik tidak diuji / tiruan” kesan dan langkah mengelakkan.
We manage to complete in 20 min.

We went to a room with survey forms about MMI and sone personality test. End.
Basically all certificates i brought is a waste haha. Anyway you wont come empty handed right.


Okay I did rephrase some of his email content. Hehe sorry daniel. But this was all his true experience.

The difference between the interview in 2016 and 2017 – was addition of stations and extended station in group. Some stations require you to speak in english, some in malay and some require you to speak and some require only writing. During my time, there was no writing sessions.

I also bring along my certificates but it was only used in one station. The station that requires you to tell your hobby/talent or experience. But the Dr in charge of that station was just flipping pages and wasn’t really asking me through details.

My blog post won’t go deep into what was the exact questions and whatsoever because I like something to be simple and direct. But if you have more to ask just leave down your comments or email. If you like into detail, then I suggest you read this.  Pengalaman temuduga Dr Aizil .He’s my batchmate and he wrote a very good post- I’m impressed.

Whatever it is, best of luck everyone.

Till here then.

Thank you.




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