She is

She is a stubborn women who secretly cares for people.

Her ego stop people from loving her, but it also led her to be independent.

How does it feels to become someone who cares for everyone but never show it.

Her surfaces that was seen to other people is – she was that kind of girl who need no one to survive.

But, she made it until today due to everyone around her.

And because she never show it. People left her.

Not once or twice, but so many times until she become speechless.

She was egoistic. However, she was never the selfish kind of girl. She need them but she wants the best for them.

She learned to let go.

Letting go the people that she cared most was never easy every time.

Even if it happens for the thousand times, it stills unbearable.

People questioned her. They say she was heartless and she let people down a lot.

But those questions were just questions.

Her answers were beyond your logic.

She was a magnificent thinker. She took everything into account and she already knew what was going on.

She had a perspective people never seen.

She couldn’t take any emotional burden not because she was weak.

The truth is- She felt everything already, she does not need to be reminded.

The grief inside her was not settling.

And she was never that kind of person to speak out her sad feelings.

But she channels herself into something.

If only people around her were aware enough.

Her appetite, her music’s list , her smile , her eyes and her writings.

Her sadness will never come in a form of speech.

She puts it in a way only people with effort could see.

By then, she saw there was not much people who cared anyway.

But she still does.

For her, everyone have a special place in her heart.

And everyone deserves to be remembered as who they are.

No one should take over other people spot.

People come and go.

But that is alright, no one is getting less.

Because love grows.

And so does she.





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