Sukad Murni 🌼

Aloha amigos,

Hope you guys are doing fine, with the H5N1 break out in Kelantan , please be cautious and watch out for your diet.

My week here had been full with anatomy of gastrointestinal tract and of course it was never easy. But , indeed it was an interesting week of memorizing medical jargon and appreciating histology.

Last weekend, I went to Sukad at USM kampus kejuruteraan , Transkerian to represent Desasiswa Murni for volleyball. Of course I was only a substitute but I’ll progress In shaa Allah. Our volleyball team includes students from various courses and years. Some of us are even master students. I eventually become roommate with a fifth year dental student and she was extravaganza kind of senior. Friendly and loud, but in a charming way.

We went for 3 days , and I had to skip 3 lectures on Sunday. (Because in Kelantan our weekend holiday is on Friday and Saturday) Can you imagine? I barely breathing trying to catch up. If possible, never skip class guys. Arrive at Kubang Kerian at Sunday night after 10 hours in the bus, and continue to sleep for 6 more hours in my room. 16 hours of rest but I still have monday blues. Its just a monday thing is it? ahahaha


pretty girls everywhere

So what so fun about Sukad? The same thing about any other competition that you can go, the spirit of the game. Every team would want to have the champion title, but what matters is respect and dignity no matter what condition you are , losing or winning.

I believe it is very disrespectful for an individual to mock other teams and make fun of them. Sure it is very important to help our favorite team winning, but there are more alternatives approach to it. Giving moral support and spread positive vibes are much better to ensure healthy environment and games.

Therefore, do avoid any words or action that may cause conflict in the games. You don’t want any dramas or else next year going to be worse.  Win or lose, do it with honor.

Since we lost in the grouping session and can’t make it to semi finals, we did stay to support team members from Nurani . Since no transportation provided from our hostels to court, we had to crammed 9 people in a car. Luckily , Charice brought her car from home. So illegal but it wasn’t that far so it was bearable for a brief moment.


9 people weyh, 6 in the back

My advises would be , dear friends, junior , seniors or anyone reading. Find your own favorite sports , there must be at least one physical activity that makes you giddy inside and eager for more. Extrovert or introvert , it doesn’t matter. If you are not really a people person, not all sports require you to play with a team. You can go for long distance jogging, swimming or badminton. But if you like to be around people, of course there are more choices to go. Try everything , choose one and work hard to improve yourself.

Try your best and go for the experience. It would be worth it, trust me. 🙂

Thank you for your time.





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