A month of tachycardia ❤️

Aloha amigos,

Ya Allah I seriously left this blog for so long. I used to have an oath to make sure I write at least one post per week. Then, i got lenient and started to change my rules. Okay iza, one post per month. And then there you goes, no post at all for so long. So here I am making myself write something instead of finishing my assignments.

So what happen when I’m not here writing?

A few major events which are the Inter-year competition , Junior doctor , the Busking Challenge and Malam Kebudayaan India (MKI). Geez, all this in a month? Hectic life.


Inter-year is one of the event that I eagerly anticipated . It is one of the biggest event here in medical school of USM , involving all students from first year to fifth year. We have to compete against each batch and earn the most medal to become the champion.

Inter-year spontaneously make the whole batch unite. Imagine going down to support your batch mates no matter what games they are playing , we all stand with one name – Titan. Yep , the name of our batch. Guess who named it, yeay me.

Masha Allah perasannya takde orang sedar pun benda tu.

So I did represent my batch for frisbee and volleyball. We lost in frisbee but honestly it was an amazing experience to become a part of the team. They are my friends and my favorite people here , so to go out there and have fun with them. It was priceless.


Missing all of us .


Volley ball? I have to play , of course ! Still my favorite game on this planet earth. Play along with new members, make new friends and gain new experiences. I’m looking forward for the next inter-year , we’ll come back stronger next time.

I also volunteer as one of the exco in Junior Doctor – protocol. Junior Doctor is a program held for the secondary school students from MRSM and SBP as an exposure towards medical life, both students and doctors. This program is held for a week and it was a big success Alhamdulillah.


First Years , kak Hani and Presiden medsoc !

The students were provided with facilitators to share and guide them through out their week here. The facilitators range from first year to fifth year medical students. These students will have a different facilitator every day so that they can experience different environment , both pre-clinical and clinical.

They also undergo many beneficial program such as the basic life support, community services , talk about medical pathway, tips for a good interview and a mock interview as well. Honestly they are very lucky to have a mock interview with real doctors ! This pretty much will help them for their upcoming interviews after SPM.

So our job ( my partner is Kak Hani )  is to plan the reception dinner and grand dinner. It was silently chaotic because both of us had no experience in this. But Alhamdulillah we managed. I dont even know how we suddenly finished everything in time. Write scripts, plan tentative , find emcee, find scissors , find tray , find projector- everything was so last minute and nerve wrecking. Ahahahahaha funny moments tho.


Looking forward for next years.

The busking challenge? Referring to the name of the event I think you can guess by now that it is a busking competition. Participation from universities all over Malaysia and the best part is our guest band is BUNKFACE ! magnificent. However, no picture with any bunkface members because I was too tired and hungry, all I care is me.


These two are more precious than bunkface

and yes, MKI ! I’ve seen my pbl mates work hard to their bones to make Malam Kebudayaan India a success and I have to admit- it was marvelous. Especially the backdrop. Even looking at it I can feel the pain and effort put into it. What I like about their culture is their colourful clothes and accessory. My eyes were blessed that night.


Alright guys, still with me?

The rest were minor events but the ones that I enjoyed. Despite being busy and having difficult time to balance everything, I did cook a lot this month. It doesn’t really cut my budget but I am satisfied. That feeling when you cook for your loved ones here is the best feeling ever. Yes I got tired but I’m happy. Other than that, I did sneak out of USM to have some short-pleasure , craving satisfied yeay. Got my seoul garden hotpot and sushi.

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-14 at 4.07.12 PM

My Murnivengers squad !

So was my one month off the grid worth it? yes ! By the way, we just finished our GMT107- a block on cardiovascular system. Which I hope you understand why the title of the post is chosen. In conclusion, I’m looking forward for next challenges and may Allah ease everything. In shaa Allah.  Till we meet next time . Thank you.




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