Study Week

Aloha Amigos,

Rough month everyone . It seems that I have left this blog for almost a month and honestly I couldn’t find any proper time to really sit down and write my thoughts. I barely had any time for myself. I even uninstalled my Instagram for the purpose to reduce my personal online time and focus on what is real – which is my upcoming finals.

However, despite being successful in staying away from Instagram – I end up finding myself playing candy crush and Ding! Ding! Ding! I finished 86 levels in just 3-4 days.

I don’t know if that is something to be proud of or that is just another silly proof of why I can’t stay away from my phone.

Anyway, all this exam thingy – they got into everyone’s head. Students are stressing out because apparently we all are chasing the perfect four flat score for the sake of applying scholarship. And for those who already on sponsor, they are also struggling to keep the flow of cash into their account.

It appears everyone is on hot seats. I have my own struggles too. Having to decide whether to sleep or study is a real struggle. Indeed it is.

Despite being stress , I can also guarantee you our stress level perhaps fluctuate at certain times only, meanwhile – the rest of the days seems to be stress-free for no reason.

Perhaps because we were assured that it is normal to fail in medics, which is something that none of us should aim for in life. I mean, come on man. At least show a little effort and passion.  To those who are reading this, please do not attempt any of this negative thoughts at home or anywhere you are.

The thing is, kids- Do not study for the sake of exams. I always think that the best time to actually study is after any test or quizzes you have. At that time, you are not pressure to prove yourself. You are free to do anything , so when you decide to actually read on stuffs, you are genuinely doing it because you like it.

Also, study for the sake of the future. It hits me every single time I read something “I have to read carefully , this is going to be important in the future”. The best thing about knowledge is surely to apply them. It does not matter how – you could use it to solve problems or during teaching – but what matters is when? The future In shaa Allah.

Apart from that, another common things about study week is how much of mood swings we can get – playing with our hearts and minds and make us feel irrationally dumb and insane. One moment you lose your appetite , the next moment you can eat the entire elephant .

Elephant masak lemak.

Alright just kidding. ‘Incase any animal-humanitarian out there are hunting me for those statement. No, I did not eat any elephant.’

Not to mention the amount of 3 in 1 beverages we had consume for the past weeks. I fear the carcinogenic substances contained in all of the processed food will bring harm to me in no time but I also cannot deny how much I need it. You are not at home. There’s no warm food to make you feel like ‘ hey, study mode all day is okay.’ 

That one my friend, surely is hell.

Whatever it is, I’m looking forward for all this to end. Hopefully everything goes well for our upcoming exam. I really need a vacation right now.


Throwback to the moment where I had a stomach ache and we were waiting for bus – Plus,Kamila being chatty to comfort me. 

That’s all for today. Thank you.



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