Sunaton ! ✂️

Aloha Amigos !

I have left my blog for two weeks already and this is absolutely not good. So, my dear readers I have comeback with two interesting post , this one about Sunaton program and another one is my experience during Medical Intervarsity Games. Don’t forget to read both!


TQ mr photographer for a nice candid !

By the way – what is Sunaton?

Sunaton is an event where doctors did their voluntary job to circumcise Muslim’s boys. This year, Emergency Department of HUSM and collaboration with Medical Society are offering the medical students if they want to join , thus gaining experience and learning the circumcision process.

Unfortunately , the event was held during week days so the seniors cannot make it. All the participants were only from first year medical students and it’s hard to fill the quota since most of us had PBL ( compulsory for medic students) and the second day was lecture and practical. Majority of us doesn’t want to skip the practical.

So for our very first day, we were assigned to go to SK Sungai Pas Kuala Krai. It was a primary school with hostels. Basically, the students living there are kids from age 7 to 12 and they are the children of the locals.


The school are one of the government effort to help those families with low income especially after the the massive flood. The children there receive 6 meals per day and the school was a convenient place  for them to study.

But I do hope they can get some improvement in terms of facilities and books.

As we arrived, we (the first year students who volunteer to help) were clueless and we started to question our existence. Like “Why am I here in the first place and what was I suppose to do?”. But then, one of the doctors involve offered us to come in. He told us to wear the gloves,apron and mask. And he told us to go and watch the surgery.

We did as he told – and it was awkward in the first place. Eventually, we all get used to it after the first one.

Each doctor seems to have their own technique not just in terms of surgery skills but also through their communication. Some are a bunch of funny lads – who teases the children and make people laugh a lot , perhaps they were trying to get rid of the white coat syndrome in the little children. Some are very gentle and decent, they really show their concern and they would spontaneously blurt ‘sorry’ to the smallest whine from the kids .


Thank you kids for entertaining us.

I learned a lot that day,from anatomy of penile, types of suture and to the homeostasis process. I still recall from my experience that the artery that causes bleeding is superficial external pudendal artery . How could I forget when he (the doctor) demand an answer and I hastily took out my phone and try to google in the middle of surgery. AHAHAHA

Apparently , we were there as their assistants and I’m happy with such title. At least I went there with nothing and come back with priceless memories.

One of the moments that almost got me in tears is when some of the anesthetic drugs injected into the boys aren’t really effective. Those boys had to bear the pain of the surgery. While they screamed and cried, the difficult part is not because of the children. It was the feelings of their parents and guardians. You can see how worried they are towards their children, how they hugged them and try to ease the situation. Their faces speak the emotions and because there was nothing I could do except assist –  I also prayed the surgery would be over soon.

However, there were also moments of hilarious that we all couldn’t help but smiled and giggled. There were boys who recited Surah from al-Quran through out the whole procedure , there were also boy who shouted pain at the top of their lungs. Of course, there were also boys who stayed quiet all the way but you could read from his face how hard he tried to look cool. Nice one kiddo !Ahahahaha Screaming, shouting and crying voices suddenly becomes norm of the day.

The very next day, we went to Mini RTC Kok Pasir Mas and it was festive !

They had a fire engine to shower the little boys just before the circumcision . Before that, each boys were fed with ‘pulut semangat’ as a custom – to give the boys support before the surgery. But still, there were some boys who made the effort to run away. Ahahaha A few hospital staff had to hug him and carried him into the room. So much drama.

Honestly, those two days were very meaningful to me- I never thought it was going to be that fun. Plus, I was there with the best people . Oh one more thing, we were well fed for both days and yes the food was amazing. In love with makanan kampung. ❤️

I guess that’s all for this post- tho i did not manage to cover everything.

Thank you for reading.



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