Karnival Kampus 2016

Aloha amigos,

So another rough week is over, another weekend well spend? I don’t know about that but I didn’t spent any time on books or lecture notes as well. The highlight for this week would be the Karnival Kampus and it was absolutely tiring. I am quite disappointed with myself for not being able to do all my job properly.

I was already part of the sponsorship team , and then I volunteer for the Spa under Health and Fitness exhibition team. And I also involve in the frisbee competition as a player. Everything happen at the same time and unfortunately I couldn’t duplicate nor could I teleport myself to all places to overcome this overlap incident.

I’ve learned my lessons. Take one step at a time, take one job at a time.

So here are a few posters we used to promote the program.

Despite having all the trouble , I enjoyed being part of the sponsorship team. There are so many things to learn from polishing my communication skills to writing letters and emails. Seriously , I thought it was an easy job. But wait until you got rejected over and over through phone , and dealing with random personalities of people. Some were very nice but there were also some who I assume doesn’t know what civics and manners are. Major thanks to Edward for giving me such opportunity.


Edward treat us for caramel latte!

He was extremely nice , they way he treated us was beyond expectation. May God bless Edward ! And the rest of the team. Yeay.

So done with sponsorship. Now lets proceed with Frisbee. Congratulations to our team-Blackcurrent- for winning the sixth place! Out of six competing team . hehe. Despite losing the competition , what important is that we all had fun and appreciate each other best effort ! We are looking forward to improve our performance and compete for inter year In Shaa Allah.

Juan also got injured while playing so I hope he get well soon. So nice of the others, they took him to emergency department to consult the doctor.

But undeniable , our team had the prettiest jersey okay !


Blackcurrent is my kesayangan.

The highlight for this carnival would Malam Kebudayaan and I freaking love it. Either you are from USM or not, I think you should come and experience the night because you literally would be entertained by all the performances from different cultures and races. My favorite performance was by my Indian friends – you know how festive their dances can get. And I love it ! I keep repeating to them that they did an excellent job. Plus, my PBL members Puvan and Thenan were also one of the dancers , so that add up to why I love that performance.

Overall that night, I believe it was a great way to unite every races. I guess they achieved their goals ! If I had a little sister or brother, or children – I would definitely take them to attend this kind of event. I would want the kids to learn and have exposure of how diverse our cultures are but we can still sit together , put away all differences and have fun . Also, to make the children understand that skin color, religion and different tradition shouldn’t be a barrier to make peace with everyone and accept other people as who they are.

I actually got a free pass to enter the concert but I bought the ticket anyway and enjoyed my VIP seat. HAHAHA. Its not really that expensive , RM10 for a spectacular night? Awesome.

So , what else did I do ? I have blurred memory either because I took me too long to finish this one post so I’m having a hard time to recall, or I was just being high all week. But as long as I spend it with friends, I’m still good. Not just friends tho, they’re like family here.

Even simple dinner feels very privileged.

The outcome if this week would be – paperwork for Sunaton is finally approved ! Now execution phase ! pheww. We even went for sushi after that. Ameerul and Amirah is so far the best sushi dates partner I ever had. We don’t even ate that much, but maybe because we shared every sushi on each plate, we were full of each other. Furthermore, we were trying to save money. So I guess thats all for this post.

Till we meet again.

Thank you.



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