A pocket size stress

Aloha amigos,

Apparently , there is one thing I learn this week. Stress will never be over, they are continuously there and bugging us. The secrets of having a stress-free life is not to escape them, but to manage them properly. I had lots of things circulating around me, plus my studies started to weigh on me now. Its getting harder from time to time. But In shaa Allah, I’ll get through this.

I had few friends who motivates me and believe in me, so why not I put trust on myself too right? Sometimes, when it gets too hard. Just lean on someone, never perceives it as a weakness. Most importantly, leans to Allah swt. The weaker you felt you are, the more you will realize how vast of a blessings you are given all this time.

Also Alhamdulillah, I’m very thankful that Allah provide me the chance to enter the intervarsity competition . I went to the volleyball selection for two days in a row, crossing my fingers . I don’t know whether I’ll get it or not, but it was worth trying. Now that it is confirmed , that means I get to play and meet the premed squad again ! Yes !


excited for you guys !

Another good news is that, I was choosen to be part of the high committee of sekreteriat sukarelawan. Thanks to Abe Mad of course. I’ll take this chance and use it wisely.

But the consequences of that is, for tonight I had three meetings simultaneously. I couldn’t probably go to the hefex meeting, so I’m sending my partner Mai to represent us. For now, I decided to go to the sekreteriat sukarelawan meeting and then proceed to medsoc meeting. The reason why is because medsoc meeting are held for two days. So , why not sacrifice one of them. I didn’t mean to do that because I am ready to commit to medsoc but then I couldn’t let go the chance of being a part of volunteering team.

Apart from that, yesterday was Azrul’s birthday. Happy belated birthday! and with that I officially mark a record for the person who said the most wish. Imagine, I wish that in every whatsapp group we shared.  Including a personal birthday wish so the total would be 6. The others frisbee members were very keen to prank him. You had no idea how festive the whatsapp group had been before the prank began. I’m not really a fan of doing a birthday prank, but looking how excited everyone else gets. I couldn’t say no, was it fun? Indeed hilarious.

We ended up getting flour all over the floor and yes we all had to clean that afterwards. ahahahahaha is this what birthday suppose to look like? I don’t know. I do like celebrate birthday, just not mine. Because it will be the day I started to miss everyone who used to celebrate them with me. And they are not there for me.

But life moves on right? Instead of looking far backwards or too future forward, we should just stay and live in the moment. Appreciate the power of – NOW.

A little throwback won’t hurt right? My 19th birthday was simple but the idea that my friends were trying hard to make it special is what matters the most to me. It was another boring day, simple speeches and emoji as birthday wishes. Nothing extraordinary. I was reading al Quran and once I was done , they barged in and brought over cake and pizzas ! Poor fakin. They were waiting for me to finish reciting al Quran for quite a while outside the house. I was pleased and amused. Thanks baby girls.


Thanks fakin for making my 19th birthday meaningful

Last but not least, before you decided that you can’t take it anymore. Take a really deep breath and convince yourself, bad days will pass and a greater future awaits. Let go of your stress. Don’t fear failure , fear the security of having success because they teach you nothing but ego and arrogance. Thank you Allah.

That’s all for today. Till we meet again

Thank you.



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