No-sleep life

Aloha amigos,

Another week has passed and all I could say is nothing goes as planned. I intended to spent the whole week focusing on my studies and revise past lectures , however opportunities don not come twice so I had to put that aside for awhile and focus on other matters instead.

So what was the opportunity I was talking about?

Well on Tuesday evening, Aliaa gave me a call and told me they needed another formal emcee for Prof Ma retirement event. I said no at first but one hour later I called her back and request her for it. I just couldn’t miss such golden chance for me to get to know back-stages work and struggles.

We made our script that night,slept around 2 and the next day was horrible. I got three hours of lectures and I couldn’t give any full concentration on any of them . My mind got occupied with community placement work, frisbee and of course the emcee thingy. I knew I should be wise and set my priorities straight.

We made our last minutes practice and Alhamdulillah we  managed to finish according to plan. Not all of them , the event doesn’t goes as smooth as expected. There were some mishap and stage manager got very angry about it for not following the protocol . But , luckily it was resolved and immediately covered.

After the event that night, my clique went out for some drinks outside USM. Considering we couldn’t go home at that time because fire drill was executed and everyone were told to empty the building.



To be honest, lots of things bothered my mind the entire week and those are things I couldn’t disclose to people easily so I had to play the scenario over and over in my head. Think about all the consequences and decided I should stand by my principle and sometimes flexibility is not an option.


getting ready for tournament !

Talking about flexibility, one of the issues that become a very hot debate topic this week are whether the frisbee inter-year competition should be gender-biased or not. There was a motion during annual grand dinner not so long ago regarding this matter. She suggested that women and men should play the game separately . I don’t know what her reasons are , probably for religious purpose.

In the beginning I was skeptical too and couldn’t understand why we need to mix-gender the players in one team. But now that I have experience playing the game myself, I learnt that it is best to have different gender in one team.

This one down below was the exact same feedback I sent to the person in charge of this event.

My reasoning would be that , as a team player who actually begins this for less than a month , Frisbee is actually tougher than I thought it would be. It require lots of training and we all don’t have that , especially girls. There’s not much trainer either right now and inter year is so close. Despite I enjoyed this game and want to participate in the interyear competition , i wouldn’t go into the battlefield with unprepared and unarmed army. And our batch might have enough member to set up a whole team player consist of girl , but we don’t know if other batch is ready for this.

In terms of skill , girls have different skills than guys. We all have our own roles in a team , and I’m not sure if all girls are playing – same rules will be apply? Until today I couldn’t pass the Frisbee using my backhand to the other side of the field as the game begins. Well, you know the ‘ultimate’ part.

pheww, drama again.

Enough with work, my weekend was also a-no-sleep weekend. I spent less than 12 hours of sleep for 72 hours of holiday. And not much of them are used to study. Alright, somebody slap me into reality please. 

Thursday night I went out with Bina and Mirah , hanging around hospital areas and ate roti canai .On Friday, it was frisbee,doing laundry,beach and wakaf che yeh. On Saturday, it was frisbee clinic, aeon, frisbee, study and yes spent the whole night having conversation and waiting for sara. Sunday, went to aeon again, laundryand medsoc meeting. Sleep doesn’t really fit in my schedule.


Sometimes we look pretty, sometime we are ugly too. 

But I have fun anyway in these three days because I spent them with my kesayangan. Yeay!

My soul are thirsty for knowledge now and worried if I got too lost in getting myself busy. I hope this week things eventually got better. I’m looking forward a great adventures , I guess that’s all for my rant this week.

Until we meet again. Thank you.




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