Mid-Sem Break !

Aloha amigos,

Finally got myself free from lecture for a week ! Yes . But of course just like any other break, we also got assignments. Alhamdulillah today I finished two of my homework which are the entrepreneurship profile and hospital attachment diary. Now, all left to do is to submit. This is actually quite rare because most of the time I do procrastinate.

Also, I finally got to hang out with Athirah. Despite us living so near , we rarely got to spent time together because the timing just off. This time we just randomly decided “hey lets go out” and then the rest of the day was strolling and eating non stop. Athirah bought me a meal at Kapitan . Thank you babe.


I bite my tongue

Then on Tuesday , I went to Cikgu Manan’s house and interview him for the entrepreneurship profile. If you are my junior and you need to see an example of the profile, you can just leave a comment down below. I’ll email it to you.

I’ve known Cikgu Manan for so long , he does make my job lots easier. He basically do the talk and I do the writing. He sells “madu kelulut” and it was profitable and unique. That’s why I choose to interview him.


On Wednesday, Fareez, Nana, Aidil and I went to Penang for fun. It was a brief getaway and simple because we didn’t really have much money. So we only went to places that won’t charge us. We departed from Kamunting around  10 AM and as soon as we arrived, we went strolling looking for street art. The sun was scorching and yes it burns. But at least it was not raining. Then to the beach and Padang Kota. Instantly got reminded to fakin, because I went there with them before.

So here are some street art of Penang. We didn’t go for every art tho, because we aren’t familiar with the road.

I like the sounds of splashing waves on the fine sand. There’s a calming effect from it and I wish I could come again soon. Or anytime . Just to hear the sound.


Miami beach Penang

Overall it was a fine wednesday. The view was my kind of aesthetic. I like the skies more than any form of nature. Skies are not limited, free and vast to be explore. Most likely representing my soul.


Bon make a photobomb.

Then on Saturday, we all gathered at KLIA2 and went home together. I guess it does make me happy a little bit. That feeling when you are leaving home and you are not alone.

Right now, I’m back in USM and can’t wait to begin a new block- GMT104. Honestly, immune system was one of my favorite subtopic during foundation program . I hope it stills excite me like it used to be.

That’s all from me. Thank you.



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