Hospital detachment πŸ‘‹

Aloha amigos,

I have a very emotional week and to make it worse- we also had our first aid assessment. Did I solve my problem already? I hope so. Things got dragged for an entire week so the damage done was quite severe. pheww.

Also, first year students are obligated to attend Medsoc’s annual grand meeting. It was a pleasant dinner until the meeting itself. As usual, any meeting in the world will be kinda dull but since it is important to actually know what Medsoc is doing for the entire year- and it involve the students money and investments.

So, a part of me be like ” Iza, sit down, behave and listen carefully. take note”. I’m not literally taking note there, I simply observe and learn. Who knows I might encounter such situation in the future? Too ambitious? Nah, I dont think so.


Murnivengers feat Mirah

The most anticipated event of the week is the hospital attachment program ! YEAY . yeay is only our first impression upon hearing the name of the program. Our pbl group were assigned to join the paediatric ward.

We were supposed to tag along and observe how the doctors work . How they communicate with patients, staffs , students and how they manage their cases. However, our attending doctor ( a specialist) was not available on that day . He assigned a medical officer to take care of us but the MO accidentally took other group. Which then lead us being stranded in front of the ward puzzled and confused.


always have time for a pic.

We only realized the situation an hour after waiting, when we decided to just barge into the ward and ask the staff. We didn’t want to do that in the first place because we didn’t want to be disrespectful and knowing how busy a doctor can be, that’s why we decided to wait. But as we came inside, nobody seems to care why the hell the year 1 students are roaming inside the ward freely.

We didn’t even have the chance to introduce ourselves to the doctor in charge of us. That was quite disappointing. Other group have such amazing experience, some of them had the chance to go into operating theater and some of them get to visit the emergency room.

No, I don’t care much about all that because at the end of the day we all going to have our own opportunity once we start our posting in year 3. But I do care in a way that we all got to meet our doctor-in-charge and did a sharing session. At least, I wanted to listen to their stories of housemanship / fellowship.

I don’t even know if I have the rights to complaint because at the end of the day I’m just a first year student. But of course I graded this program as very poor in the feedback. Β They need the truth, they can have it.


Thank you Ya Tian for a very nice pic !

First aid assessment is not really that difficult. If you read and understand everything, In shaa Allah you’ll be just fine. In addition to that, we also had a physical examination practical. Which then leads me to wonder- once I get into clinical I am going to meet variety of patients ranging from gender,size,races and age. I need to train myself to not feel awkward in terms of touching a guy because in this field you don’t get to choose your patient. I did very poorly in this practical but that would be a lesson for me.


Palpation method and auscultatory method.

In addition of being busy with all these, we also had our first medsoc meeting. I got selected as part of the student development team – yeay ! Then there was ckd meeting, carnival campus meeting, Jimbeats meeting and also a night out to find jersey. So many things happen right? And trust me, these were just side stories. Main drama is absolutely confidential . Sorry.

Thank god we all finally arrive to our mid-semester break. This time I went home with fam , took a flight to KLIA2 and then a bus straight to Kamunting. No more dizziness but it does consume more time and energy. But no Β car-sickness. No.


Love ya fam.

I guess that’s all from me. Next post will be less emotional hopefully.

Thank you.



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