The I’s

Aloha amigos ,

On 20 October, we had “hari keusahawanan” aka entrepreneurship day . It was a compulsory project for all first year student. We are divided into 5 person per group and I was placed in group 18 along with Wana, Adhwa, Iman and Izwan.  We already plan about our project weeks ago and finally executed our business plan last thursday.


A picture to end our tiring day.

The night before, we all went to 3 places to pick up our selling products.We went to Pasir Tumbuh to pick up some car fragrances. Time is precious for us because we still have lots of things unfinished and so many last minute preparation to do, but the owner of the car fragrances invited us into his house and served us some tea and biscuits.

Despite all of us were being anxious and couldn’t wait to get to our next destination, we were also grateful for his kindness and warm welcome. So nice of him. Alhamdulillah , may Allah SWT bless him and his family.

Next, we went shopping for decoration stuffs and some plastic bags as well. Then, we speed up to pick up clothes at Tumpat and straight after that we went to wana’s hometown. We went there to pick up some stands to hang clothes and we also received more stock of clothes to be sold. yeay.

After a long night, we arrived at USM around 12.30 and we had late dinner at nearby stall. As usual, Izwan treat all of us for dinner. yep, another nice person. Izwan was so generous we all started to feel guilty but we couldn’t say no to free food. So, thanks a lot Izwan.

Afterwards, we went to Red Square to set up our booth and then straight home. But nope, not gonna get any sleep yet. We had to distribute the clothes to do some ironing. Also, I had to prepare something to make our booth at least , a little cheerful. Bring some warmth welcome feels to it.

Sleep at 3 and wake up at 5 something. We all barely had sleep but all we wanted was to give our best on our project. We run our booth for a day until 5pm and that night wana sent back all the leftover stocks. This way, we didn’t have any loss at all.

Alhamdulillah it was quite a unique experience. To deal something from scratch and you know what, our booth collect a net profit around Rm300. All of this thanks to my team mates. I honestly , feel very grateful to have such amazing team. Seriously, good job guys !

Iman our precise and detailed treasurer. Wana-the ones looking for transportation and stock of clothes. Izwan our driver all the way and our sponsorship as well. Adhwa , the one who iron most clothes in our booth and yeah- MOST OF THEM. That is a lot. Adhwa also the reason we don’t have to carry piles of clothes via walking, she borrowed a senior’s car for us.


The I’s is the name of our business.

I don’t even remember what is my role in my team, perhaps a supporter and promoter. Thats’ all. But I’m happy everything went well. Alhamdulillah.

Despite a hectic and busy day, I also managed to walk around and visit other booth. So here are some of the owners.

I could summarize here that even though all of us are in a mission to become a doctor, still- it was nice to try out different things in life. It was indeed a wonderful experience to have a day and do something completely not routine. WUS 101 is a great escape for all of us.

Before I end my post, I would like to congratulate my team again. Thanks a lot and work well done !

That’s all for this post.



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