Kayak with fireflies

Aloha amigos ,

Okay last week MSFT held a family night and all members are welcome to join. We had BBQ , get-to-know year 1 session , and some mini games. We paid rm2 per person which is very worth it because we get to eat lots of food that night.


The day after MSFT, on friday we went for a kayak camp. Located nearby USM . We arrived around four and immediately started to put up our tent. I shared the tent with Amirah, Fatin and Bina. But Bina went home that night because she had a co-curriculum activity the next day.

However, right after setting up our tent- it started to rain. Heavily. So we all got wet even before doing anything. After asar, we went for a walk around kampung before our water confident session.

We wore life jackets and were allowed to freely swam . YEAY. My jacket is not really my size so I kinda sink in my own vest a little bit. ahahaha When Fathi pulled me out of the water, he grabbed my jacket so basically my jacket went up first and I was still in the water. I had to push myself onto the jetty. pheww. Thanks by the way.

Right after that, we all got our own kayak and we kayak I don’t know how many kilometres but it was fun. We bumped into each other a lot of course – that’s how a rookie do it. Because we were wet and didn’t have much clothes, we had to pray in drenched as well. Both maghrib and Isya’.

However, it was quite an exciting experience. We had some maggie for light refreshment before we continue our kayak-ing to watch fireflies that night. Bon and Ameerul agreed to kayak together so Bina tied up our kayak next to each other. So creative of Bina.

That way, it would be less dangerous because we were together, less energy required and we could share the memories too. So nice. As they all were busy looking at fireflies, I was busy looking at them. Saving images of their smiles in my mind. They were light in the dark. They are like fireflies.

Next, my fireflies fans and I- we all shared a fantastic meal – grilled chevon  ! YUMM YUMM.


The highlighted event for the very next day is when we tag along a worker to pick some fruits.Nothing much to tell here but one thing I’m sure is I enjoyed being with them. It was wonderful.


When you got sunlight reflecting on your face.

So, done about MSFT and kayak. Also, a few days ago I went for Medsoc interview. Medsoc stands for Medical Society and all medical students in USM are officially a medsoc members. But to be part of the working-committee , we were required to go for an interview.

The questions were basically the basic ones, you know- like strength and weakness. I don’t really like telling people my weaknesses but I make an exception because if they wanted me , they should know what I’m able and not capable of doing.

And I was never bothered to find out about the new hicom of medsoc before until after interview I found out that I was interviewed by the president himself. I would consider myself lucky- yes I am! Why? Because I didn’t know he was the president so less nervous moment for me. Right before the interview, Allah knew how I basically scream in the inside as I badly want this and I couldn’t stop being anxious .

But he had this friendly vibes coming out of him, so I got comfortable easily and my interview went well. I think so. Alhamdulillah.

I honestly are very busy these days. I couldn’t find a proper time to update my blog , I had to write all this gradually from time to time. I guess till we meet again.

Thank you.



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