World cafe

Aloha amigos,

Alhamdulillah we have finished our second block- GMT102 and also we have finished our Pimpin Siswa Lestari. It was tiring but we were with provided free food all the way so I guess I’m okay. Wait, who am I kidding? I’m actually pretty happy and satisfied.

I’m delightful because I made lots of new friends , not really because of the program’s content. By the way, I’m also happy for all the extra merchandises they gave us like a mug, a pencil case and we also got T-shirt. But we actually paid for that T-shirt if I’m not mistaken.


At least the t-shirt is pretty.

The highlight for Pimpin Siswa Lestari is actually the world cafe , which I assume it was named like that because our group are named based on different continent and they call it cafe because they provided continuous supply of food.

The program started on Thursday evening. We had some briefing , forum and an ice breaking session.Our facilitator is a fourth year dental student- Muhammad bin Juhari. He wanted to be call as Mad, but Mirah and I decided we are going to call him Abe Mad. If you’re a student here in USM, I believe he’s easily recognizable .He has this iconic mustache and an obvious penang dialect.

That night, we were assigned to draw a graph based on our life. Make it ascend when we were happy and decline when we had emotional struggles. Basically my graph is just a straight line of happiness, dropped abruptly somewhere in secondary school and rise again afterwards.

At that time, I had this mixed dilemma of “should I share my deepest secret” or “should I keep this to myself” . Luckily, I was not chosen. I guess Allah wanted me to keep it to myself. Okay then.


official friend-zone pose spotted !

The next day, we had multiple forums and we started our world cafe right after lunch break. Lets not talk about forum because most of the time I was trying to focus and all I did was falling asleep. Typical student habit.

For our world cafe session , our group leader is Juan. Eh wait, I missed something. Our group name is Asia: Iberia ! I don’t know which part of the world is that but I’m pretty sure they don’t have Hogwarts there so no worries.

We all proposed on a project to create a recycle vending machine. A machine that grant rewards such as merits and meal discounts for all users whenever they recycle. Of course, we wanted to create a better environment and awareness among civilians about the importance of a proper disposal. We called our machine Trash Monster !

Sounds like a simple project but the hardest part is filling the log frame they provided. Log frame was more like a guide but it was absolutely confusing and I’m not good in using excel either so both of them are not-really-that-fun.


Iberia in action !

We finished our project around 12.30. Sounds late but actually we were among the earliest group who got to go home early. Others went home around 3 to 4 in the morning. It was tiring.

Also because it was late, Amirah and Juan walked me to my desasiswa, aawwwhh so thoughtful of them.

The very next morning , we went for aerobics in kompleks sukan 1. The program was intended to support Hari Sukan Negara , so as a first year student , all we can do is yeah-  be there and support. And also have fun like a maniac. ahahaha


Hari Sukan Negara

Some of these orange minions are among the closest people to me in USM. And because I’m not good with emotion and stuff , so I’m just going to say it here. I have no idea how we were friends at the first place- probably because of premed program. But yeah, I enjoy their presence here very much. As one have said to me , you guys are my “kesayangan”. 💕

I have also received my ordered books and stethoscope. I am satisfied and I can’t wait to use those books. I’ve told you before that I really miss using books.


Embryology belongs to my senior, kak yani.

Anyways, as a free thinker. I couldn’t help but think and lately I’m just afraid of my own self. I used to be so concern about what people say but these days I feel like my own soul are my enemy. I should get back to the right track and focus on my ambition to become a doctor.

I’m looking forward for GMT103 – First Aid and Medical Ethics also known as FAME. I should end my blog now. Until we meet again

Thank you.



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