Don’t share toothbrush ๐Ÿ˜€

Aloha amigos ,

This week had unpredictable ups and downs. I heard things that hurts me, but no matter how much pain it was- it is better hearing the truth. Truth hurt less than lies.

Alhamdulillah , they are also some people willing to listen and support. So I’m good. I believe things happen for a reason , or maybe multiple reasons. I’m glad my roommates are home this weekend, so I got this room all to myself.

No offense- not that I didn’t like them. In fact, I really enjoy having them around and I do love them too. It just that, I needed some time alone to think so this is mere perfect.

I play a few games this weekend. Volleyball and Frisbee ! yeah, I’m still getting used to play volley because it have been a while.


Field next to Nurani.

Frisbee? I’m new to it. I didn’t even know before this that frisbee is actually a sport. Is it? I think so. ย Amirah, Bina and I – we joined the boys play frisbee yesterday morning.

Whats funny is that before that- Mirah had a sleepover in my room but she didn’t bring anything. So she borrowed my shirt, my sleeping pants and my sweatpants.Plus, she didn’t bring any toiletries so Bina had to come over and brought a toothbrush.

The irony part here- a dental student came and offer Amirah a toothbrush. AHAHAHA


While waiting for Bina.

Then we went for brunch at Murni. We refilled our drinks so many times and spent so many hours there. Usually people have deep session like 1 AM in the morning but ours are basically 11 AM in the morning.

It feels so good to say something and have people listen to you.

Yep, this is our cafe Murni. Incase you haven’t been here.

Other than that, last night my entrepreneur team decided to do some survey. So, we went to Wakaf Che Yeh and went around asking people. Basically, Izwan went around and ask people – all we did is find a shop , point it and say “Come on, izwan!” . Adhwa was very happy Izwan actually lead our group. You should see her face ! AHAHAHA


We are missing Wana here .


Today Amirah and I went around Kota Bharu. Maksu and Kakak Ika came to visit and take us strolling around Kota Bharu. We had ‘Lakse’ and ‘Lakso’ for breakfast ! ย Lakse stands for Laksam and Lakso stands for laksa penang.

Afterwards, we went to a food festivals but because it was still early in the morning – not much stalls are open. They were busy prepping their food and still in the process of cooking.

Before Maksu and Kakak Ika sent us home, we visited a nursery for Amirah’s entrepreneurship project. They are going to sell cute flowers so I’m looking forward for that ! Excited !

I guess that’s all I summed up for this week. ย Other than that was just work,study and sleep. Nothing extra. I guess till we meet again.

p/s: I miss reading books.

Thank you.



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