What is your image of a medical doctor?

Image of a medical doctor? A random question coming from a random doctor storming into a not so random class-because he knew it was the year 1 lecture hall.

To be honest , I haven’t make up my mind to become a doctor, until early this year. Why do I want to become one?

As one of the Y-generation, I would have to say social media have become our norm. Mention it- snapchat, instagram, twitter, facebook – Yep , I have it all. I’m an active user as well. You should see my instagram story, I’m freaking funny. Okay sorry for being narcissistic.

Well here’s my point, there are numerous of doctor-celebrity or I don’t know what people even call them. But they are incredibly well known yet they are a doctor? How is that even possible?

I see them as someone I looked up too. Before this we all been preached that doctor are sloppy, non-fashionable and of course far from trend. I mean why is such stereotype even exist?

But those doctor-celebrity doesn’t seem so. They are , you can say, ATTRACTIVE? Yes.

That is one of the reason I’m here too. Even though I’m a first-year medical student and it’s going to take more upcoming hell years- still I would really like to experience that. Only when you have been to hell, you know how to appreciate heaven. Isn’t it? Also, to break the stereotypes of the doctor’s image.

I’m going to become a well-dressed , pretty awesome doctor with my eyebrows on fleek. AHAHAHAHAHA

Okay , all those stupid stuff I just mention up there – it is true. However , it’s not the main reason why I actually jumped into this field.

The image I have always pictured on a doctor is – strong, friendly, wise and most importantly happy.

And that my dear doctors, are also my goals.

Yet every doctor claimed that it was a horrible dreadful path , they still make it. They become a strong doctor because they never quit. Hey, you’re not the only who’s going to be strong. I’m going to make it there too! Challenge please come to MAMA!

Other than that, let’s talk about being friendly. In this vast world, there lives a few people who thought that they are much better than everyone else just because they have slightly more knowledge. And doctors are one of the occupation that resembles a “yeah-i-have-more-knowledge-than-you” person.

Once they feel that way, they started to become pompous and snobbish. And you know what comes after that? Ego and absolutely a not-so-friendly character.

I despise that and every single day I’m telling myself to not become one. I wanted to become a doctor who anyone can approach. They don’t feel inferior towards me and nor do I feel that towards them. Or as I mention before, a friendly doctor.

A doctor who always take opportunity to give salam first . A warmth doctor whose smile greets everyone. A cheerful , bubbly doctor that everyone can say – she’s my friend.

Next, a freaking wise doctor!

When I mention wise, I’m referring to the character. A doctor who always think and care about patients more than anything. More than her on-point eyebrow and more than the shape of her hijab that day.

They don’t just work to cure diseases , instead they work to treat the patient- as a whole. They are there, to help people both physically and emotionally.  I imagine a wise doctor as a doctor that have a great heart. She never lose herself in her job and life, and she always prioritize her patient .

Because,  a not-so-wise doctor would have probably work just for the title and salary. And probably for the fame.

What a bummer! Don’t lose yourselves dear doctors.

Finally, A HAPPY DOCTOR ! Whatever struggles a doctor may have, a doctor should be happy because they are the chosen one. They make the choice to be there !

Yes I know it’s hell ! It’s been killing you from the inside that you did’t have enough sleep , enough feed and enough friends to hang out with. But can’t you see?

You should be extra happy ! Waking up in the morning and talk to yourself ” Hey gorgeous, you’re a doctor”.

You are given the privilege to help people, to use your knowledge , to spend time on good terms ! More importantly, to share all the love in your great damn heart. (I’m not referring to cardiomegaly , I’m just saying it in a literature form)

That’s what I’m aiming for when I become one. Also, I’ve seen these values on other doctors so I suppose these goals are achievable. Nothing is impossible ! YEAY

Last but not least, in order to create a good image on a doctor, you have to be one first ! Be diligent, work hard and most importantly – be THE TREND !







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