That Circle On my Face ðŸ‘“

Aloha amigos,

I’m not drained yet, it has been a super busy week but Alhamdulillah I managed. So far.

I have submitted my ptptn document , finally. I feel bad Suhayl had to wait for me that day, I told him he should proceed first but he insist in waiting. Who am I kidding? Of course I am glad he waited. ahahahaha I really don’t feel like going there alone and line up boringly.

Other than that, I seriously haven’t got the time to jog or play anything. My evening were full with either interviews or co-curriculum activity.

Which club did I joined? Stay tuned okay.

We also had our picture taken as a batch! Yes. So here’s a picture from foundation uitm. Not all of us but this is fine.

Okay, story telling time !

I did two interview this week, one is to be the member of carnival campus sponsorship department and the other one I applied is the medical student facilitator team (MSFT) . I mean this is what I’m good at, so why not do it right? Plus, I like this stuff you know.

I don’t know where the satisfaction came from, I just like it.

My first interview , yeah I guess it went well. The second interview was hilarious. I’m talking about me! ahahaha

I’m not going to tell details because it’s going to sound dumb- which it actually is. I actually make silly jokes with them , do not attempt this guys. I swear the interview was funny.


MSFT- adhwa, me, ijie, wana, tripleq

We had a question –  we have to told a parents that their child die from allergy. Allergy of FISH.

First thing first, you should have known if you already have allergy on fish, you shouldn’t eat fish.

Secondly, why would we have to break the news? the doctors know what to do. And the list of questions go on in my head. I couldn’t stop smiling, because laughing in an interview room will be odd.

They actually give a good constructive criticism. I like that part.

One of the interviewer commented , that we should make eye contact. Ok here’s another thing. It’s not that I do not want to make an eye contact , but seriously I couldn’t stare right into his eyes all the time with such good looking face.

I could literally die there! So , once in a while I did look elsewhere. Ahahahahaha However, no kidding. I’m not use to staring people that long especially guys. Except if they are much older and superior, for example those doctors during interview for medic not so long ago.

Wait , what? Did I just discover myself being shy? Yes I did.

Overall it was fun and wonderful experience.

Apart from that, we had two practical these week.

During my first practical I met Dr Iskandar and his initial is IZA , which stands for Iskandar Zulkarnain Alias. And he was shocked to see my name is actually Iza and I believe he would never forget my name after this. And that my friend is very dangerous, because I don’t want to be call during lecture. Oh no!

But we have fun tho, he asked us questions during practical and it helped us understand much better in class.


I asked doctor to give stars, and he did. Yeay!

My second practical, we had an experiment related to blood and osmosis and bla bla bla. I think our group is super hype , we even recorded our experiment. The funniest part of all is Hariz’s  “pity pity ant” face. I still can’t move on from that.

The highlight for this week is- I BROKE MY SPECTACLES !


Broke it in half, guess when? 20 minutes before my first interview. IN HALF ! I have to borrow Bina’s spectacles afterwards and that night I bandage it with a plaster. It survive for a few days but the damage was irreversible. I have to buy a new one.

Juan said if I believe strongly the spectacles can heal itself , just like a bone fracture. I guess I don’t have that kind of faith because it’s not working. Sorry.

Yesterday, Aliaa took us out with her car. We went for shopping and I bought a new spectacle. Same circle, different material.

In conclusion, it was a great week. Alhamdulillah.

Thanks to all my friends, you guys really make my day. You have no idea how grateful I am to meet all of you.

Alright that’s all from me. I have to study , see you guys next week.

Thank you.



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