In a pink eid

Aloha amigos,

Today marks the final day for eid al adha. Also marks the end of a very marvelous week. This year our family didn’t have any special gathering unlike before this, apparently the timing just off.

Absentee was due to hospital admission, family problems, financial and of course- work. Life right?

But Alhamdulillah this year, Tok Su got to perform umrah . Also, this year ain’t so bad. Finally my fellow friends of SMK kamunting came for eid.

I mean , we hang out a lot. But it have been years since they came to my house for raya. So I’m grateful and excited as well. Growing up together, I’m surprise we all still stick together . I mean we almost have a decade of friendship !


Aidil , Fareez,Amalia,Azniza,Nana and ME!

Afterwards , I came back to USM and still celebrating !hehe I mean, Amirah didn’t go home for holiday so I thought why not bring the over the feels. My mom cook that morning and we brought over nasi, lemang, ayam masak kicap and serunding.

And some chocolate chip cookies – upon special request.

Class begin on Wednesday and shockingly so many things to read.

*wasnt suppose to be shockingly. What to expect when you’re a medical student?*

Luckily we only had two days of class. I’m already missing out so much. Despite sitting in the second-front row, I seems to have a short-term focus.

One moment I was all about epithelial cells, the next moment I was all about Roti Canai Teh Tarik !

And the very next moment, I was consumed by my own genius mind – thinking about puns and lame jokes. HAHAHAHAHA


imitating Julaiha favorite selfie expression ><

Also as a treasurer . To be honest the job wasn’t really that difficult and I enjoy doing it for everyone . But I’m just worried because I can be clumsy or if I make a messy job. I hope everything will be fine and goes well.  In shaa Allah.


Pretty classic lecture hall, isn’t it? 

I guess that is all. It took me two days to write this. The upper part was yesterday and the lower part- yeah just now. I get busy lately but I’m not going to abandon my blog. No, no , no.

Why do I choose pink for this eid?  Because it’s the only jubah I brought from USM. hehehe

Till we meet again.

Thank you.



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