Induction to Medicine ðŸŒ¸

Aloha amigos,

I just finished my induction week. Yesterday it took me the whole night to reach Perak from Kelantan. My body still sores but my mind want to write so bad. So here I am.


Nurani is my second home after Murni.

I think now that I’m officially a first year medical student – I get asked a lot.

“Why do you want to become a doctor?”

Same question over and over, but inside me the answers differ every time. I don’t actually want to become a doctor until last year. I had some sense knock on my door making me choose this path.

If you ask me what I want to be 10 years before, I would say either a fashion designer or interior designer ! Because arts have always been a part of me. But now I’m here, I still want to keep that creativity in me. So, I decided to join a crafty co-curriculum activity. I’ll reveal later in the future.

Now, lets go back to the question. Here is one of my answers.

Being a doctor require great sacrifice and it all begins from medical school. I’m not saying that other career doesn’t require sacrifice, you’ll see my point. Just keep reading.

In the middle of PPSP USM, there were some kiosks selling cute blouses and jubah. Every single day I walked pass through them asking myself ,

“Nak stethoscope ke , nak baju?” Of course I choose stethoscope.

During lunch , I would like to get juices but you know how expensive they are . I need to save money to buy myself a new white coat.

I went home to get some rest. I started to scroll my instagram and came across some IG shop.

“Nak lipstick ke , nak buku?” Again, I would choose books. You guys who read this would probably react ” pffthh , typical perempuan”. ahahaha

Even from my first year, I had to let go all those stuff people my age are having. And that was just a small sacrifice to begin with. I have more coming in the future.

But despite having to let go all those stuff, despite knowing the fact I might not have time to look all fancy and pretty for years, despite acknowledging that I’ll look ugly in my golden young days.

Despite knowing I have to leave my family behind, despite knowing I’ll get drained and might lose myself, despite knowing I might be too busy to be there for my friend.

Despite knowing I might not being paid and I might have to work voluntarily.

I still choose medicine. I still choose knowledge over my useless greed. That’s one thing to treasure. Leaving behind my selfish part and started to train myself to prioritize what matters.

By the way, want to know how our induction week went?

Basically , we had back to back of lectures and talks about ethic and some introduction to areas around PPSP.  You know, the basic stuff.

Like labs , tutorial class and library.  We used to have a class around 25 people during tutorial , but now we have around 8 person per group. This 8 people will have to deal with each other for the next 2 years and we call this session as PBL aka Problem Based learning.

If you read my previous post, in uitm we call it SGS , now in usm we call it PBL but it’s the same thing.

I learned lots of things through out induction week and one thing for sure, our PBL tutor for induction week is absolutely awesome. Named as Dr Arif , he taught us how to make presentation fun and how to understand process , not just blindly memorize them. We had a brief session with him but it does leave me with a great impact.


Me, Ameera , Raidah, Evelyn, Puvan, Thenan and Ameerul. Amirah nordin mana? jadi cik photographer hehe.

One of the most interesting moment, is when Azrul and Suhayl suggested me and Mirah as hmmm. Don’t ask. Hahaha We had to randomly give speech I had no idea what was I babbling about in front of everyone.

I feel like winning tho- humiliation of the year award. hahahaha

Before ending our week, we all had a group task and we need to make a presentation. It was hilarious and fun. All of it. From the very beginning of planning to making it real. We had sketch, choral speaking, videos, normal presentation and kahoot !

Allah, that sure was satisfying. The doctors were impressed they even asked us to hand in our videos from the presentation.

Alhamdulillah for such a wonderful week.

Spend my week with Amirah and Sabrina – trying to conquer 2.4 km of jogging tracks under 13 minutes. So far we failed but we are making progress. Looking forward for fit Malaysia. Coming soon.

by the way, Anisha’s grandmother passed away yesterday – please recite al fatihah for her. May her soul rest in peace. Inalillahiwainnailahirajiun.

That’s all from me.

Thank you. Assalamualaikum.


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