Program Siswa Lestari

Aloha amigos,

Alright ! Program Siswa Lestari is actually the official name for our orientation week. And as everyone have already acknowledge about orientation – its a sum up of games, tonnes of briefing and of course including not-so-much sleep.

Telling you guys how the whole week goes will be absolutely boring so , I’m just going to highlight a few events that make my day less boring.

On our third day, during a talk with our faculty of medicine- they provided free Lunch! And we had our picture taken by kak Shihah! yeay.

Majlis angkat sumpah (15)

kak syihah in turqoise

On the very next day, we got Majlis angkat sumpah and dinner night. I’m like what?!? Dinner night in orientation? SO FREAKING NICE.

The performances were amazing, I’m really amazed on how talented the students here are. I mean they can dance, sing, host, act and beat-boxing! They are not merely books and notes, they are holistic.

dinner psl (12)

Students from dengkil to USM

Pretty much everyone here deserve a bow from me. *bow 30 degrees*

Last day of the week, we had a gotong royong around campus and residential college. My team were assigned to clean PPSK( Pusat Pengajian Sains Kesihatan).

Gotong royong 14 (15)

Group 14

Till we meet again guys!

Thats all for today.

Thank you.




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