The first page of USM life

Aloha amigos.

Regarding my admission to USM, I admit that we’re not that luxurious like what we had before in UITM but this place is cosy enough to live. I mean the room is spacious – only if you know how to assemble the furniture.

It took me so long to find time to finish this post. Orientation week ended yesterday, so here goes my post I have been writing for a week. Maybe I’ll write about my orientation week tomorrow. I don’t know, whenever I have time okay?

Speaking about furniture.

Well, we tried a few combination and find the right one. Tadaaaaa.


As for facilities. There are an iron corner. I wouldn’t call this ironing room because there was no room. It was just a corner , with a counter top and a chained iron. I have no idea if anyone would want to steal this but yeah, it’s locked on a chain.


For my whole corridor inhibitor, we all share 3 shower , 3 toilet , 3 sink and a few water pipes for our laundry. It was clean. Will it be enough for everyone on this floor? Probably yes , probably not.

These are the toilets from desasiswa Murni 4 I think. I’m staying at Desasiswa Murni 3- the toilet there (DM3) are much better.  With newer tiles.

As for hot water, we have a pantry and a kettle. That’s all. However, the kettle is not functioning because there was no electric cable. The kettle from other floor broke as well. If I’m not mistaken other students have filed a complaint so now, we just have to wait and see.

Overall for desasiswa Murni , I’ll give a 5/10. The wardrobe is just the size I need to fill my clothes. Cool.

The table – which I’m not going to use because I’m going to put my printer -are the perfect size to study. Not too large and not too small either. There’s spaces for us to eat together and pray.

Oh wait! Yes the cafe! Yeahh the cafe is quite nice. It’s a little bit fuller and cheerful than the one in Sungai Buloh. A little bit larger so wuhuuu!

We also got a jogging track here about 2km. And a gym. A very small gym.



All in all, I have been here for a week and I’m getting comfortable here. As long as I get a good night sleep, everything is okay. I’m grateful for everything , Alhamdulillah.

So I guess that’s all for today.

Thank you.



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