Tips for medical check up

Aloha amigos,

Alright , somebody out there might need these tips. Who knows? I’m that kind of person that enjoy having the idea about stuff I am going through rather than jump in bluntly and surprise myself.

So tips, here I come !

  1. Girls, make sure you are not in your period week or at least your period is not heavy because if you are- gonna deal with difficulty during urine test.
  2. Drink lots of water that day and avoid going to the toilet. You probably don’t want to wait in the toilet wondering when will you pee.
  3. Take off all jewelry before going to the hospital- going to save your time before doing the X-ray because you literally have to take off everything from your upper body.
  4. Do not wear jubah or dress. Simply wear a trouser. Because if you wear a jubah and the doctor need to check your stomach – then  you have to pull your jubah all the way up and it just a nuisance .
  5. Do not wear fancy shawl or complex hijab style. Wear something easy and quick to take off .
  6. I recommend you to go to private hospital or clinic – quick service. It may be costly but you can save your time and do some research because different clinics charge differently. Just give them a call and ask for the price, they won’t eat you.
  7. Wear spectacles if you are short-sightedness . Imagine if you wore lenses , and they need to check your eyes without lenses and the trouble you just got yourself into.
  8. Have a balance diet, do not overeat. You don’t want to raise your blood-sugar-level all of a sudden.
  9. Always say thank you to those helping you through your check up- nurses, doctors,your family members, the bus driver, taxi driver etc. hahahahah
  10. Nervous is normal – it’s called white coat syndrome. Just convince yourself its going to be over soon.

I guess that is all I have. I did the common medical check up at Columbia Asia Hospital and it cost me around RM70. If you add up blood test (HIV and Hepatitis ) , it cost me around RM185. So yes, prepare the money okay.

However, like I mention before. Different clinic charge patient differently so don’t forget to ask around.

That is all for today.

Thank you.


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