Rekindle our love for SMRPB

Aloha amigos ,

As you probably aware, results for admission to degree is out. Alhamdulillah I am offered a place in USM Kubang Kerian- medicine yes! In shaa Allah I will be a doctor soon enough. Please pray that I have the strength , intelligence and patience to survive these upcoming years.

I was a little bit disappointed that our pre med group is completely falling apart as some of us will go to USM, some to UPNM, some to UITM and some even go to none of these places. But, I genuinely believe that Allah is the best planner, and this one is the best for us. Amin.

So, I was really eager to break out the good news! IMG_20160812_200225

Yesterday I went to my former school , Sekolah Menengah Raja Permaisuri Bainun. Went Ipoh by ets then Syahmi picked me up . Afterwards , we fetch Imran and straight away went for breakfast.

We arrived at our school around 11 something and start our day with the GK room. It was a long day. We pretty much met everyone. The teachers were hugging us saying congratulations, it was very meaningful to me. Somehow it motivates me to do better.

Then, Cikgu Syamsina and Cikgu Rohiman had this idea that we should give a talk to those targeted students. At least, inspire them and help them in managing their stress- especially with the upcoming trial just around the corner.

So, they took us to meet the new principal. We had to brief her about the content of our talk- despite having it the last minute , we just went all out spontaneously. Can you imagine? After two years away from school and being dragged again into the principal room?

Hahahahaha, the thrill and excitement is real! Only this time it was for a good cause.

The session begins at 2 PM involving 11 students targeted to achieve straight A+. We talked about our past experiences , struggles and provided them some tips to really grab those A’s.

After Zohor, Cikgu Zul- Penolong Kanan pentadbiran treat all of us for lunch. When I said all, I mean all of us ! That so nice of him. Ever since he went to Bainun, we all put a major respect for him. You should see his charismatic side , stern but there were also some friendly side of him. The teachers that came into Bainun in the middle of 2014 crisis, was one of the best thing Bainun could ever ask for.


In the evening, we went for drinks with cikgu Hafiz- aka Papa Hafiz. He taught us Addmath and Mathematics- He’s the reason I got A and I’m grateful for him. He usually came to tutor us in the evening prep and he brought along pisang goreng. Yummm Yumm.

After maghrib, Syahmi and Imran sent me all the way from Ipoh to Taiping. And we had dinner that night at Deli Cafe. Perhaps our last dinner together before we all went for degree.


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thanks a lot Syahmi andImran for a very nice day!

I guess that’s all for today. Thank you.



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