TGFC4 -Trip to Bagan Lalang

Hola amigos !

Alrighty , a little throwback won’t hurt eh?

During first semester in foundation , UITM provided fund for every class to go for a trip. So, our class which is C4 decided that we should go to the beach.  And if you’re wondering what does #tgfc4 means , it is thank god for C4. Because I honestly believe that C4 was such a great blessing.

President for this trip was Yusuf Khalid and mostly this trip were handle by the gentlemen. Buenos chicoc de trabajo !

I could still recall Asyraf calling lots of numbers looking for a homestay, he even paid using his money first before claiming from the fund. Yusuf handling the transportation, went back and forth booking for a bus.

I volunteered to manage the budget. We even had that one night where we discuss about doing the budget and distributed tasks. I got a lot of help from Yusuf and Midi , also Farid ! I mean, Farid was the one who took this picture.


Farid was actually there being a cheerleader

A night before the trip, the girls and I gathered at fana’s and Nisa’s house- they lived in a same house. We were prepping the chicken , cleaning it , marinating it and packing all the chicken into ziplock bags.

The day before we were in chaotic mode- asking around from those who went home to bring over knives , newspaper , chopping board  and more stuff needed. But mostly we owe  to Nisa, she brought over the whole barbeque equipments .

The next day , we gathered around at the bus stop in front of Rafflesia 2 . We departed around 8.30 AM and sadly we had to leave Danial. He didn’t pick up phone calls and he woke up late that day. I felt really bad for leaving him but we already made a deal with the bus driver so we had to move according to plan.

We went to our homestay – had some brunch with cakes , fruits and milk tea. Afterwards, we went to the beach and simply play around. What a Bummer- I took my phone to the beach and then the phone was forever cannot be used. I had to live without phones for 2 weeks.

But thanks to my friends , they lend me their extra phones. I could live for a few weeks before my parents bought me a new one.  It is surprising how phone have become a necessity –  to contact lecturer , set up group discussion and knowing when class is cancel.

BaganlalangTRIP (33)

We got home that evening and we was suppose to had lunch somewhere but everyone was already asleep and tired. So , we skip that and went straight home. The highlight of our event is our Barbeque Night !

The boys set up the coals and started to grill chicken. The girls making coleslaw – yummy ! That night , Kinah and Madam Aishah both sponsored chocolate cakes , it was amazing.

I could conclude that our trip was a big success . We may not have fancy kind of trip but as long as we had fun, I am satisfied. That’s all for today.






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