R1603 – trouble is a norm

Aloha amigos!

Alright , I’m in a good mood today because I have tonnes of memories flashing right in front of my eyes right now, and I am eager to write all of them today. Initially, I wanted to put a title called “Do you remember when?” but because this post was dedicated to our dear housemates , so I decided to put that. Yes , that one up there.


There was one time during Ramadhan we got into an accident. It was Saturday and there was no rental cars available at that time- you need to book them early. We went into great effort to find a rental car by asking everyone and google-ing everything. We call lots of number that day and finally around 3 pm , we managed to find one. We rent a green Axia for 5 hours.

We wanted to go early to find a restaurant but then Aisyah’s family came very late around 6pm to send her some food. So we departed after that and realize that all restaurants are already full so we went to the famous Padang SCM and ate aisyah’s food. Late that night, we were rushing and me as a terrible driver got all of us into an accident.

The car was tilted I don’t know how many degree.Everyone were shocked and immediately got out of the car. We ask a stranger to help us scrutinized the car condition. One of the tire were hanging in a cliff and Najah was already walking away from us , the others chased her so I got back in the car and press on the gas.

The car easily got back onto the road, I mean hey- three tires were already on the road we don’t need tow truck okay. Maybe because we all were too panic to decide on anything at that time.

Eventually. we had to pay Rm120 to the owner. The back bumper was scratched severely and he had to repaint them.

Ramadhan (29)



There was one weekend where we all were getting ready to go lunch at KKPR and I got out with no purse and key yet because I was checking the others. My roommate thought I already took the key , because I said I’m going to bring key this time. So, she locked the door.

Now, both of us are locked outside with no keys to get in and none of us dare to see the fellow. The fellow in charge was you-know-who, the fierce one. Yep, the male one. We went to , I don’t remember, facility room maybe to ask for help but the room was closed. It was lunch-break.

So, we decided whatever happen next, we should eat first . So after lunch, Ipah tried to break into our room using a card. She tried a multiple times but the effort was no avail because the door was very secure and thick.

Najah suggest that somebody climbed from her room and jumped into mine. She wanted to do it at first but then she changed her mind because she was afraid of height. So I climbed onto her wardrobe, open a panel of ceilings and climbed into the attic and jumped to the next room. Luckily someone had a flashlight because it was darker than dark up there.

I unlocked the room from inside and problem settled! We cannot use the windows because our house was on the sixth floor.

Ramadhan (39)

rafflesia 1

Alright, more events coming in the future. Till we meet again.

Thank you.



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