My beloved MakDah


Today, 27 July 2016 , my nanny , Saidah Binti Haron passed away. Around 11 in the morning, her son called my mom informing about the loss.

She was a very caring and incredible person. She make me feel loved and thanks to her I had a wonderful childhood memories. When I was little, my mom and dad had to work far from home , she was our neighbor at that time so she took care of us instead.

I still remember as I opened my eyes in the morning, I am lying in her living room and nearby me was a dining area. A plastic bag of Nasi Lemak was hanging by the chair in the dining area.

When I first started school, she walked me and convinced me that school is okay. You know how nervous it gets the first time you have to sit in a class full of strangers your age.

During ramadhan, she would bake Biskut Sarang Semut, which my brother and I would finish them before raya . So she had to cook another batch just for raya, still we were the ones who finished her cookies. Because we loved them so much, she made them every year just for us. When we visit her , that cookies is a MUST. Except this year she does not bake anymore.

When my brother and I were being naughty and did something wrong, My dad would just bring out the cane to punish us. She would already be crying at that time , begging my father not to do that.

Sometimes , I ran away from home just to sleep with her. Even though our house is next door, but we all grew fond of her. We loved her. And still love her.

She had dengue a few weeks ago and she was discharged from the hospital several days before raya. We thought she was getting better, we went to visit her during hari raya. No more Biskut Sarang Semut. We were disappointed. Not because of the biscuits, because of the fact she was looking so weak.

But she was still pretty and she smiles a lot.

Until last sunday, she was admitted to the hospital again. She had a stroke. We had no idea what was going on at that time. The next day, the doctor confirmed that she had womb cancer. Shockingly, stage 4.

My mom went to visit her on Tuesday, and wanted to take us with her today. But today is the day she left. May Allah forgive all her sins and put her souls among those He loved.

I get to see her for the very last time, before they took her to surau for solat jenazah. I wanted to cry of course, but I am in a position where I shouldn’t be crying. Her family members already had it hard, I have to be strong and show them support.

I love mak Dah so much. When I grow older, I want to be a woman like her. She was loved by everyone around her. She was gentle, kind and loving. She never badmouthed people, she always help people and she had her own group mengaji.

Kepada mereka yang membaca post ini, sedekahkanlah pahala bacaan al-fatihah kepada beliau, Saidah Binti Haron.

Ija sayang MakDah, semoga Allah kirimkan sayang Ija kepada MakDah.

Thank you,



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