Little Fakin Beraya πŸ’•

Hola amigos,

These past few days have been great. Fakin came to visit me here in Kamunting , even tho Anisha couldn’t make it but we had something for her. Β I pick Kamila, Fana and Nisa from KTM Kamunting that morning and we haven’t stop talking since then.

Well, we are geng “makcik makcik”. AHAHAHAHA

We rest for a while and that evening we went to Zoo Taiping. And they just randomly walk into the gift store and decided to buy a bomber hat for everyone. And I decided to tag along, that was one random and crazy idea.

What crazy is that Malaysia is freaking hot right now and we literally sweat our hijab.


I got a squirrel (I thought it was a fox) , Nisa got a cow, Fana a penguin , Kamila a giraffe and we bought Anisha a wolf(or maybe dog). But that would be a surprise for her. Anisha if you already read this, please pretend to be shock when hat arrive to your house.


Little kids were jealous of our fabulous hat HAHA

So, strolling around the zoo should take half a day but we dont have half a day so fast forward our visit . And also, snapchat almost everything! I’ll compile the video later. The girls were so tired after that we end up lounging at the playground in front of the zoo.


So tired at this momentΒ 

The next day, we wake up at 6 something and rush everything. The needs to iron, shower, prepare breakfast, eat breakfast! pheww luckily we manage to catch our train . We wanted to go to Tasek Gelugor but there was no direct train so we had to stop over at Bukit Mertajam and switch train.

Well, that was the problem. The next train made us wait around 1 hour and a half. Basically, we spent our time candy crushing and selfies!


Waiting is not that bad, especially when we have each other.

The rest of the day was fun. We had a big lunch at Yusuf’s house. Then we went to the beach, jeti Nelayan, cendol, kerang Bakar at Padang Kota. We went home with ferry and did some shopping.


And because of that shopping spree, we missed our train from butterworth. So Yusuf had to drive us all the way to Bukit Mertajam so that we could catch our train. We made it exactly on time, we had to run down the stairs into the train.

Thank goodness, if we were late even for 30 seconds, we have to take the next train which will be around after 2 hours.

It sounds just like a simple trip, nothing extraordinary. But what matters is that we got to spend time with each other. That night they had maggie for dinner which is quite ridiculous , but hey. Ridiculous is life.

I had to send them away the next day, and trust me it was very difficult. Sobs.


Hopefully we will meet again In shaa Allah . WE HAVE TO!

Thats all , thank you.



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