Eid Feels

Aloha amigos

How’s your eid? Mine was okay, I don’t feel to excited for it but I am very well welcoming Syawal to my life. This year we didn’t go anywhere and literally just spent our eid in our own  home.

Open the door and people keep coming in.

Which is good actually because guest brings in “rezeki”. That is our principle. Guests are always welcome anytime.

1 Shawal – Just the usual visits to tok houses however what make this year a little bit different was NADIA IMAN! She went to her hometown at Batu Kurau and took some time to visit me in the evening which only Allah knew how excited I was to see her!


thank you so much for coming

As I grew older, I tend to realize what makes an eid beautiful is the presence of the people we dear the most. Having them around is what makes it special. Family and friends.

Today we went out to visit relatives who lived in Batu Kurau- which sadly to say are living in a very poor condition. No baju raya, not even kuih raya. No definite income, what they had barely even support them-doing kerja-kerja kampung.

We all empathize and try our best to help, but the rest we leave to Allah. May Allah ease everything, may Allah grant everyone prosperity in however condition that we are.




Ma cousins

Other than that, I’m a little bit disappointed that my childhood friends didn’t visit me but they have time to visit other houses. But, I don’t know. Maybe I deserve this, maybe I’m not good enough as a friend. Maybe.

Thats all. Selamat Hari Raya everyone.



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