Backpacking my dream

Aloha amigos,

I’m back! miss me? Eleh, bukan ada orang baca pun kan. AHAHAHA

Its okay, at least I read and that is enough. So right now it is 2.34 in the morning and yes I just finished my conversation with fakin, by now they all went to sleep. I opened twitter and basically just click anything there is to click.

hotAirBallonFAIL (1)


I came across this one account that I recently followed. And he had this I don’t know like a page of pictures. Its like tumblr, but not tumblr. I remember he said that he’s a loner kind of guy. But, it appears that he enjoy having the time just for himself. I assume.

He had these pictures of places- nature mostly which leave me in awe. Also, leave me in question mark. He basically travel to places and do whatever he likes.

It gets me to ask myself, remember you once had a dream like this ?

I have this one dream that I’ll go backpacking one day. I just need to collect enough money and find the right time and the right place for it.

No wonder. Despite doing it alone, he seems to have fun. Its like an achievement for himself, something he did to feel full inside.

So now, I’m going to change my dream a little bit.

I am going to go backpacking one day and execute my bucket list and I shall do it on my own!

Before this I always wish that I would came across with anyone who would do the backpacking thing with me, of course I still couldn’t find one yet. Now I realize that we shouldn’t wait for people, if we want to do it, start right away!

People will come when its time, for now I will enjoy myself as a company. What a splendid morning to be inspired!


Bali was nice too

As a starter to my dream, I have list down the places I’m going and I already have a bag! This is going to take years but this post going to stay as reminder. One day In shaa Allah.

Ya Allah, please make my dreams come true. please. please. please.

Alright now its 2.52 , I’m going to brush my teeth. Thats all for today.

Thank you.





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