PreMedic UITM : Closure

Aloha amigos,

So , we just ended our pre-medic program here in UITM Sungai Buloh and truthfully I said, I am glad for all the failures I had in my life, how it led me here and it gives me a wonderful experience. Thank you Allah.

Our exam was yesterday, which are OSPE , MCQ and SAQ. If any of you wonder how was it, you can just personally message me because I’m really not in the mood for anything.

Right now, I’m waiting for my parents to pick me up. The house we lived in are almost empty, Dhaliah and Fatin are still here with me.

Throughout the whole month, we have been screaming and singing stone cold and never even once that song gives me the feels, now when all of them had gone home. The song kinda make sense. I really don’t like this gloomy feels.

However, because of this experience, I am really looking forward for September session. I can’t wait to meet all of these incredible people again!

Last night, in honor of our final night as a pre-med student. We went out to the curve , watch movies, hang out, take pictures together and sleep together. I am a little bit disappointed we didn’t have our last volleyball games properly but its okay.

Arrived home around 2 in the morning- we got arrested for 10 minutes from Polis Bantuan. Ahahahaha everyone in the car got flustered whatsoever. Me? I kinda predicted what was going to happen. Been there, done that.

Oh yes, another thing! I wish I did ask my group members to stay, and take a proper picture but it was too late. This are the only picture we had together.

SGSterakhir (3)

I knew Ameerul and Zaim even before pre-med because I was in the same lecture hall with Zaim and umm for Ameerul, he was a classmate to my housemate. It was easier to remember the guys because they aren’t many of them.

The girls, I only met them for the first time here. We have Atika, Nadrah , Ayuni and Nurina. One more thing, sorry girls, sorry for this but I’m the closest to Nurina. Heee. She’s just so cool and chill and sometimes, most of the time, she keeps me sane. Thank you Nuna!

And of course, because she was my housemate-make us easier to go everywhere together.

Yep, speaking about housemates.

To be honest, I didn’t plan on any of them. I just met them and suddenly we all just – how do you say this- feel belong?

Every and each one of them had their own character, I mean you should see it for yourself. One of us is lady-like, the other one is tomboyish as ever. If one of us is shy, the other one is veryyyy outgoing. When one of us is active in sport, the other one prefer sleep.

The only one thing we have in common is when we all assemble- we all become AVENGERS! YEAHHHHHHHHH

Alright, I was exaggerating.

When we all assemble, we became so so so so LOUD. Both in the real world and social media. Thank you Julaiha, Nurina, Bab, Fatin, Dhalia, Amirah, Farah, Amizan and Mey. I love you all, including Nadia Iman- our frequent visitor from the house next door.

Thcurve (62)

Trying to be normal for picture

Sadly, we don’t have any picture with all members in it.

Thcurve (43)

Most of the time.

Even tho this post I named as closure but I don’t really think I’ll be able to move on. I will always carry them in my heart. Cheesy I know Hahahaha

Okay , farewell.

Thank you



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