PreMedic UITM : Visit

Aloha amigos,

Actually, this week is our fourth week , also our final week. We are going to have an examination on Thursday and I have mix feelings right now. Happy because I’m here, nervous because of the test, eager because I’m going home and sad because I’m leaving these wonderful people I met here.

And of course, no more my favorite eye candy after this. Heee , maybe on September.

Alright, back to topic.

For my previous Saturday, my housemates and I went to join a program called Tree of Ramadhan. The seniors here gather funds to buy household groceries such as rice, cooking oil, sugar and more stuff. They choose a kampung nearby the campus and give out the groceries to all houses.

If I am not mistaken, they prepared stuff for 68 houses. It was a new experience for me as I never join this kind of activity before.

I tagged along with few of my friends and seniors to selected houses. We visited the residents and had a good chat about Ramadhan and their preparation for raya.

These seniors genuinely wanted to give out to everyone regardless of their status, rich or poor. But, of course some of the residents did declined our gift and demanded us to reach the poor first.

Even after they have been told that the gift were given to all residents, still they are some who seem to be uninterested towards our offer.

After a good evening of the visiting session, all those involved went to the nearby mosque and had our asar prayer. Then, we had  a reflection and sharing session.

Afterwards , all of us went to campus Selayang! We had our iftar at a senior house. These seniors prepared our iftar meals, some moreh and each of us also received goodies !

It was splendid and fun, we had lots of things we share together and they are very eager to see us in September. In shaa Allah.


senior’s house

Then on Sunday, kak Wildad and Kak Dayah took us to visit Hospital Besar Sungai Buloh. Yeayyy. I really don’t have much to tell about this, if you’re curious you can come and ask me directly.

Basically, we went for ward rounds and visit patients. We learn from the seniors how to communicate with patients and how we should pay attention to their stories. We are told to treat patients as a whole, not just the diseases.

VisitHospital (6)

Thank you kak wildad and kak dayah

So that is all about visit. Not much to tell, but the adventure and feelings are priceless. Thank you Allah for this opportunity. I am getting more confident day by day and I’m praying that Allah ease my way. In shaa Allah.

Thank you.



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