PreMedic UITM : Weekend

Hola amigos,

This time I dedicated this chapter to tell you guys how exactly we spend our weekend here so far. Even though we had another two weeks ahead , but I’ll share more later. And it feels kinda sad in here, thinking pre-med is going to be over.

Well, on the first weekend Mira and I literally travel along the KTM road, dropped by lots of places, buy something, take a picture and simply go home. We were just wandering without a definite purpose. The whole day was tiring, but it was nice to get out from the college and sightseeing.

Meanwhile, the second weekend was the most HEAVEN OF THE EARTH.

Alright, yeah I was just exaggerating. But, I meant to say it was spend well.

Well, we start off Friday night with some volleyball match. It was raining actually, and we only had outdoor court here but who cares? Everyone was so in the game, nobody was even planning to stop. The volley ball got heavier and slippery however everyone seems to be having a good time.

I know I did.

The seniors here are welcoming pre-med students to play with them, the idea of being appreciated is very well comforting. Thanks for the game.

The next morning, since last night was wet thoroughly and we all had pile of dirty clothes we decided to go to the launderette. Before that, we all went to grab breakfast outside since no one had dinner the day before.

So, the four of us walk from our residential college to the stall nearby, located just in front of the mosque. It wasn’t really that far, perhaps within a 10 minutes duration- walking in a slow phase.

And ladies and gentlemen, it was worth it. We had NASI KERABU! YEAYYY.

breakfastnasikerabu (9)

Afterwards that, went back to college- stop by at the toilets and outdoor gym- and straight to the launderette.

As we arrived, all the coin-operated washers are fully taken by the seniors. They were washing all the sejadah considering that Ramadhan is arriving and there are going to be tarawih soon. So, we left our piles and went to feed the fish with breads. I swore it was fun. Next to the cafe was a large fish pond and there were plenty of fishhhheeeessssssssss.

Then , we saw the seniors cleaning the surau so we went to help them a little bit. Not much but I guess better than nothing. It was nice seeing them work together , just to provide a clean and cosy surau for the residents.

Again, may Allah bless you seniors!

After all that, it was just another day fulls of watching drama and movies. Also, basket ball and volley ball. Whatever it is, I feel obligated to go out and play, if not I’m gonna cry because of bored and emptiness.

Now, lets get to the heaven part.

My family did come visit, and I asked my mom can I have KFC , and of course the answer is sorry. She couldn’t say no, so she said to wait until I get home. So, I said okay.

That evening, Ju came home with a bucket of KFC! YEAY. Thank you Allah. Till then it was a marathon of food, Nurina brought nasi , tomyam and paprik for dinner. The next day, Dhalia came home with Dominos, and Nadia Iman brought some bihun sup.


The truth is what make it feels like a heaven is not the food, its their genuine heart of showing they care and love. And I feel blessed for that, Alhamdulillah. May Allah bless you guys with prosperity and happiness.

Today is first Ramadhan. Make use of it okay.

That’s all for today.

Thank you.




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