PreMedic UITM : Exercise

Chapter 3

Hola amigos,

I’m back with volleyball this week and yeah I feel wonderful!

Probably because of the endorphin.

I made new friends as well, ones who enjoy this game as much as me. The second day I went to the court, I was actually given the chance to play with seniors which creeps me out but at the same moment leave me in awe. I’m scared, mad , excited, nervous, eager- all at once.

I played a horrible role but again it was such an amazing experience.

And again, I got bruises everywhere and even tore my pants around knee area. Don’t ask me how it happened, I’m still embarrassed.

Also, one thing I learnt with Mira was: no taxi from KTM at night. Mira and I went to Big bad wolf last week and also we went to watch X-men apocalypse. We thought of going home in the evening but we missed two trains, failed to go to the transit station and yeah lots of things happen.

As we arrived at KTM sungai Buloh it was already 10.30. There was no taxi, even if there is , there were too many people at that night. I met my lecture mate – Hariz and I thought we could have share a taxi but as I mention before, there was no taxi. Mira end up calling a 3rd year senior, and she came to pick us up. Alhamdulillah.

movie+BBW+sesat (2)

Large Popcorn YEAY

We managed to arrive safely. A lesson learnt!

On the other night, we also went to watch Huntsmen : The winter war which is very well, a disappointment. I kinda like the first one better even though both actually are quite not to expectation. But, I had a great night anyway. Spend it well with my housemates! Thanks guys. And yeah our friendly neighbor, Iman.

Movie night (1)

Amira, Juleyh, me, Dhalia. (The building back there is residential college 2, home for the boys)

We got to visit the museum, Communication skills Lab and Clinical Skills Lab. Clinical skills Lab is a lab that set up a hospital environment and you got to practice basic skills on a mannequin before going to the hospital and do it on a real patient. The purpose of the lab is to build confidence among medical students to face their clinical years. Basically the lab is used among 3rd year students , but anyone who are curious are welcome to come and learn.

LawatMuseum (3)

My groupmate , housemate : Nurina

This week our case scenario is all about exercise. All subjects we learn here which are anatomy, physiology and biochemistry were all related to exercise. Even though the content was really superficial , far from what medic would actually look like, having new knowledge doesn’t hurt isn’t it? As far as I know, it was fun !

The lecturer here, I mean the doctors. All of them keep on reminding us on the same thing.

“Among all aspect you need to become a doctor, the most important thing is attitude”.

So, if you think you have what it takes to become a doctor, do you think your attitude now will make you survive?

Thank you



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