PreMedic UITM : Hypertension

Chapter 2

Hola amigos,

Hectic week I had, but incredibly fun.There are so many things I would like to share, but I am not going to write a freaking novel here so, here goes some highlights of the week.

Hypertension is a term we learned this week, and I suppose, I could say it was my “THEME OF THE WEEK”. Hypertension to make it simple is a condition of someone with high blood pressure.

We had our first small group session or SGS as-they-called-it. My first impression on sgs to be honest, I was taken aback. I thought we would go on and discuss on simple things, maybe ask some questions I didn’t know.

However, you have to be well prepared before entering sgs and not just have like tiny ideas for topic of the week. You should have everything at the very end of your finger tips. Kinda like tutorial class we had back in foundation, but in a smaller groups and much intense.

Having to sit in the room itself with bunch of intelligent and bright students was giving me hypertension. Felt like I could hear my own heartbeat without stethoscope. Ok, joke.

But yes, you should see them . With books and paper full of notes, Nurina and me only prepared the questions and some mind map. Again, well done Iza.

Thank Allah, it’s just pre-med. Experiencing this before even entering as a first year medical student-In shaa Allah- is quite an excitement. I’ll take this as a lesson, I’m so going to be prepared for our next session.

No more culture shock okay!

I’m gonna do well ! yeah! sorry , trying to motivate myself here

Nevertheless, we also went to Kampus Selayang for a talk about Ramadhan.I would really like to take some pictures but , we didn’t have our dinner yet so right after the talk we went straight to the Mamak Restaurant in front of the campus.

Other students were already on the bus at that time, but we were hanging out waiting for that Mamak to fry our maggie goreng. Kinda rude actually, but I’m really sorry everyone. Sorry.

The senior that managed us said everyone should assemble at 11.20 and it was 10.40 at that time so we thought we had the time. Which is true, because we actually did but they decided to leave early. Which means , my housemates and I missed two trips of bus.

Hypertension it was to wait for our food, because we already order and pay, we couldn’t just leave and we had to ride on the bus. So many things going on at once.

At the end of the day, we had to ride on a bus full of gentlemen. Yes, I have to say gentlemen because they literally had to wait for us. Sorry guys, and thank you!

There were some other hectic events as well, but enough for today. I hereby declare that my housemates for pre-med 2016 are crazy,hilarious and pleasing. What a beautiful life!


From left: Atin,Farah,Bab,dhalia,me,Ju,MiraNordin,Nurina

Thank you.




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