PreMedic UITM : Residents

Aloha people,

Today was my first day for pra-medic. Well, not exactly first day because we are going to start the orientation on Monday and we just here to register for place in college. Speaking about place, this college is huge. Like freaking BIG!

Remember how Puncak Alam used to be our favorite room, with internet cable and some spaces in room. This one here is much better. The room here is three times larger than our rooms back in Dengkil.

We gonna spend a  month here in Residential college 3, which is actually college for dentistry students. I’ll visit residential college one ( for medical students) and share another post later.

WhatsApp-Image-20160521 (1)

The room next to us, aka housemates!

WhatsApp-Image-20160521 (2)

With a house of 10 girls, having two mirrors is a bad idea.


WhatsApp-Image-20160521 (3)

Okay girls, this is spacious!

WhatsApp-Image-20160521 (4)

Look! What a cute pantry.

WhatsApp-Image-20160521 (5)

Everything is so nice and brand new.

WhatsApp-Image-20160521 (6)

I’m not sure whether we should have study group or dinner together. On a second thought. yes both.

WhatsApp-Image-20160521 (7)

Check out our room. Yeah we just got here, no time to unpack yet.

Well, who’s the architect? I’m giving them a standing ovation. All of these is beyond comfortable, makes me feel like,

“Oh yeah, I can study here peacefully”.

However, there’s no mirror in each closet. That’s a bummer.

I haven’t figure out what I’m going to do tomorrow because I’m don’t see any facilitator here to welcome us. Seems like we have no program so far.We just came in and hand over our college form, get keys and done.

Thank god there is internet. Perhaps I spend tomorrow watching PewDiePie plays uncharted 4. Alright, report done.

Thank you.




3 thoughts on “PreMedic UITM : Residents

  1. NadiahDono says:

    Assalamualaikum Akak, may i know how did you applied for the PreMedic program? it seems that none of the student were informed regarding the PreMedic program and now we already ended our Final Examination (but the law and Tesl students still have 2 papers). Hope you notice me akak.


    • hairanis says:

      Waalaikumusalam, during my year ,there was a google form shared to every class whatsapp group, we had to fill in our names and sem1 result. Im not sure who spread the google form first , but you might want to ask directly to the administration of uitm dengkil. Few weeks later , we received an invitation email to join the program. Sorry if this doesnt really help ,but that just how it happen to us. 😅


      • NadiahDono says:

        akak sorry for the late reply. It seems that i might want to ask more questions especially regarding Medical shool. Would it be okay if we exchange our contact number? i”l leave my email here.


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