Interview in USM- meet Mr Banner

Hello buddies.

Well, if we are close, you would probably aware that I went to interview for medical course in USM few days ago.If we are not close, oh you just read. You already know by now that I went for interview. To be exact, the interview was held on 13 May.


Registration. Look at me, I’m like a living orange.

How the interview goes?

Well, not as planned.

I didn’t know it is going to be multiple mini interview (MMI). Generally, you would sit in a group of 9 candidates, and there would be 9 station. So, you would go all station in a rotation. Very simple.

You would encounter 5 active station- which you would have your interview session. And 4 inactive station, which you would do nothing and breath.

Every active station will require 7 minutes, 2 minutes to read the questions provided and 5 minutes to present your idea.

That was quite an advantage as you can prepare beforehand , it will be less nervous the moment you enter the room. Why? If you’re reading the question in front of your interviewer, you will then experience the awkward silence in between what the interviewer ask and what you are going to say.

Because you , and me, and just like everyone else, we all need a second to think about it and at least to digest what was the question again. Sometimes, we panicked and just blurt out anything hoping it would form some sort of acceptable answer.

That’s why 2 minutes outside of the room to read is actually a pretty good benefit for us.

The 5 minutes session is okay I guess, you really couldn’t say much in that period of time but if you didn’t really have anything to say at that particular time , that would  add another score. BING!

What I didn’t like about this kind of interview is I really didn’t get the opportunity to really express myself. I prepared a lot of things in advanced hoping that they would see through me and feel my passion in what I want to pursue.

However, a file of certificates that I brought along was just another accessory to the table. Some of them did flip through the file but they didn’t even bother asking.

Either they were really not interested or I don’t know.I really don’t know. Maybe because they were doctors and professors, they are very good in controlling their expressions.

I mean, I usually can read people face but this time I was very confused. I believe they saw the confusion on my face. The questions were also very familiar during interview.

  1. Brief the interviewer about the integrated curriculum in USM. (compulsory in English)
  2. Tell them about your strength,your talents or your challenges in life and how you deal with it.(Compulsory in Malay)

The other three was situation dealing with action, conscience and emotion. For example, your friend Ali wanted to pursue in computer animation but his parents wanted him to pursue medic. What would you told his parents?

In this situation session, we are free to use either English or Bahasa Melayu. But we can only use one of them.

I guess I did well, but ‘well’ is just subjective.I believe every candidates answer almost the same thing so it depends on the interviewer . If they like me, I’m in. If not, I’m out. So, fingers crossed whether they liked me or not.

I wish I knew ahead of time about the structure and the system of the interview. When I asked some of my acquaintances, they be like “you didn’t know this?” . Or, “Why don’t you ask your seniors?”

Oh my dear acquaintances, you didn’t how my life have been. I really didn’t have any seniors in this area. I’m on my own. I have always been on my own.

But, it’s okay. Never too late to learn right?

Anyways, it was such an amazing experiences and I really enjoy it. Looking forward for more. Pray that I get a place in medic, okay?

In shaa Allah, I’ll become a doctor that can serve well to my society regardless of their religion, races, nationality and status.


Hey Mr Banner.


Thank you.



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