Stop and stare

Hello readers.

Have you ever wonder? Who would leave first, me or you? Me or my parents?

There are so much love around me I didn’t even realize , and I hope I didn’t take them for granted.

Dad and I didn’t talk much. But deep inside I know we love each other- because of those little things he does. Let just say I said I wanted cendol as he picked me up from school, he would stop by any cendol store. He even told me to stay in the car and he went to buy the cendol. Let just say I wanted french fries, the next day, he would stop by any store and bought me one.

He is a caring and a loving dad.

Meanwhile, Mom doesn’t feel like it was necessary to spoil us. When I was little, if I said I wanted a teddy bear and I cried for it, she would pretend like I’m not here daughter. She would just leave me there. AHAHA After a few days and I have forgotten about it, she would come home and surprise me with the teddy bear. She taught us not to expect parents as someone that listen to our demands, we should always know our place as children and respect them as parents. It works, thank you.

One more thing I noticed, Mom always repeat the same story from workplace. It could be 2-3 times a day, and this continues everyday. But every single time, Dad always listen. He would listen patiently and agree or disagree.


Any past achievement I had, I didn’t really know what to ask from my parents. My brothers are that kind of person who are motivated by rewards, so my parents would set up any rewards for them if they achieved their goals.

Me? I didn’t think it was fair for me to even ask anything because achieving the goals was already rewarding. What more could I ask? But they gave anyway. Anything they thought I would actually like. And yeah, I do like it.

I didn’t really like to share my experiences or problems with my parents. I knew they will be there to help me, but I also know they don’t live forever. Ever since this idea existed, it would be much more better to handle things on my own.

Anyway, thank you love. Thank you mom and dad.



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