Mistakes in baking

Hello, I’m back.

Alright so today I’m going to share some tips on baking.

  1. Always put space between your cookie dough. As you put some baking soda, it will cause your cookies to expand a little bit. Even when you don’t put baking soda, it will still expand but not as much as when you put it.So, you don’t want to have the cookies sticking to each other.
  2. You can substitute brown sugar with white sugar. But keep in mind that brown sugar contain more moisture than white sugar so if you didn’t like it to be dry if you use fully white granulated sugar in a recipe that require both, consider to add more wet ingredient.
  3. If you’re adding eggs to your milk, then make sure the milk is lukewarm. Let it cool down if you heat it.If it is too hot, it will cook your eggs as you add to the milk. You don’t want to have scramble eggs in you milk do you? Yikes!
  4. It’s always okay to pay more. I learned that same types of flour with different labels give out different taste. Well, the costly ones makes better cookies. I didn’t want to believe this at first but it is true. I bought all purpose flour from different labels and the costly ones was good. You should experiment and try out yourself.
  5. For cookies, I always use recipes from Kawaaiisweetworld . I like the host actually, I find Rachel comforting and pleasing. And the recipes are good too, yummy! And for cakes , I prefer CupcakeJemma. Love her as well! She makes eveything looks very easy.
  6. I used to love brownies , I still do but nowadays I had enough of it. I’m in the mood for cookies. However, I believe that most people like a very rich brownie. So, go for  a recipe that require both melted chocolate and cocoa powder. That kind of recipe is the best!
  7. Put your cookie dough on a baking sheet or I believe would be easier if you could just get a silicone mat. That one save cost even though it add to the dishes you’re going to wash later.

I have more tips I guess, but I can’t remember it. I mean, at the end of the day I didn’t take any culinary or baking class. I’m just experimenting, I’m a science students after all.



my homemade Oreos! Scrumptious!

That’s all for today. Thank you.



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