From desert to meadow

Hola lectores.

Today I went to my former school, to pick up some stuff. So, the office was closed until 2, and we arrived around 1.30. So, I visited the teachers lounge.

Oh my goodness, I stepped into the door and I saw all of my teachers , I immediately teared up. I’m a crybaby. HAHA, okay this is embarrassing .Especially when I hugged teacher Aza. Because she’s a scorpion. Before and always.

I mean, I still remember the first time I went there- I thought “Why not, this might be good”.

But, HELL NO- it was the worst year of my life. I almost quit, but back then I was too fragile, I wanted to left but I guess why not stay. PAY BACK TIME!

Okay, joking. I was too weak I can’t even make them listen. I was too invisible and small.Even their sharp glance made me weak to the knees- my whole body trembled. Away from parents make it worse.

However, the presence of good friends helped me survived. I’m a survivor. Yeay! And no I did not avenged for myself, instead I leave it to Allah.

I love that school anyway. It taught me the definition of life. Now, every time I went there I couldn’t stop smiling. The best part of everything is B5 and 5Rho.

5Rho was my former class, and will always stay in my heart. One of the silliest thing we done is- Every Thursday we will pick a character from any franchise! Just for fun.

I couldn’t recall all of it, but there was Naruto week. I was Sasuke- Oh yeah!

And we did play games during exam- yep during exams. Games like-which line have students that did not sleep at all? And trust me, we all loved sleep.


My line completely fail.We all fell asleep.


Yep-Pretty much sums up our attitude.


Trust me- There’s more

Lately when things get hard, I just close my eyes and put myself back on my seat in the class. I imagine the sounds I always hear, the fragrance of people drinking instant coffee and the sandwiches we share with the whole class. I miss you guys. I do.

I also miss all the visitors we get, because our class is like a stopover. A lovable one. Give me a call rhonians when you read this. I’ll be very happy to hear from you.

thank you.



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